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Remember When Frank Sinatra Guest-Starred on Magnum P.I.?

"Ol Blue Eyes" had a major role in the original version of Magnum P.I. in 1987!

By Jackie Manno
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The original version of Magnum P.I. had a slew of amazing guest stars over its run, including Carol Burnett, Sharon Stone, Orson Welles, and more. And there was one episode in 1987 that brought on a very special crooner: the one and only Frank Sinatra. Read all about it here.

Who is Frank Sinatra? (If you somehow don't know!) 

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The legendary singer was known for his smooth baritone voice and was one of the biggest stars in the '40s, '50s, and '60s, winning nine Grammy Awards in his lifetime. Major hits include “My Way,” “Fly Me to the Moon,” “You Make Me Feel So Young,” and many more. Overall, he has sold over a whopping 150 million records, according to CNBC.

That said, did you know "Ol Blue Eyes" had some acting stints, as well? He starred in over 60 films, and more specifically, he had a major role in an episode of the iconic crime television series Magnum P.I. in the '80s.

Frank Sinatra on Magnum P.I. episode recap

In 1987, Frank Sinatra starred on an episode of Magnum P.I., one of his last acting credits before his death. The episode is called “Laura,” and it's the 18th episode of Season 7.

In the episode, Sinatra plays a retired New York cop named Sergeant Michael Doheny who becomes despondent after his granddaughter is kidnapped and murdered by two men during his retirement party. He swears revenge and hires Magnum to help him track the killers down, without telling him the reason he wants to find them.

Doheny and Magnum find one of the killers, who gets hit by a bus while attempting to flee from them. Doheny and Magnum end up  tracking the other killer down at a night club.

“She was my granddaughter! You slimy bastard. You beat her face to a pulp. You broke her body down to nothin' and then you threw her in an alley to die. And I'm gonna do the same thing to you,” Doheny says. Doheny then punches the man repeatedly on the roof of the building until the killer falls off to his death.


“We got ‘em, honey,” Doheny then says while visiting the grave of his granddaughter in the last scene of the episode.

According to IMDb, “Laura” was the highest-rated episode of the show in over two years.

Sinatra was also dedicated to his craft. The scene in which he pours a glass of water over the head of a man who wouldn’t give him information was completely improvised on his part. Along with this, while filming another fight scene, Larry Manetti admitted he messed the take up because he took a picture during filming, and the flash disrupted the screen.

“Well Frank came into Honolulu to do a concert and his secretary called Tom and I and invited us to come to the concert. We were in the concert, he introduced us, everything was great. And then a man walked up to the two of us and said, ‘Frank wants you two to go to this restaurant and meet him for dinner right after the show.’ Who’s gonna say no to Frank?” Manetti, who played Rick in the original Magnum P.I, told Celebrity Drop.

“So, we went to the restaurant and we sat down with Barbara Sinatra and Frank, and we were eating dinner and he was saying ‘Well I love this show,' so I said, ‘Frank, why don’t you do the show with us?’ He said ‘Kid, I thought you’d never ask,’"  he added.

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