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Craig Melvin Reading to Dylan Dreyer's 3 Sons Will Melt Your Heart: "Babysitter Craig"

Melvin was challenged by his TODAY co-host to take on the impossible: her kids.

By Chris Phelan

Is there anything TODAY's Craig Melvin can't do?

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The newly-minted children's book author participated in the ongoing TODAY Big Dare series, where anchors and hosts challenge one another to specific dares — and it's filmed for all of America to see. Melvin's challenge was pretty straightforward: after months of openly wondering how Dylan Dreyer manages to raise her three kids — Calvin, Oliver and Russell in a tiny New York City apartment, Dreyer dared him to experience it for himself — and Melvin was up for the challenge!

While the whirlwind clip gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Melvin's stellar babysitting (and parenting!) skills, our hearts melted when we noticed the TODAY star reading a passage from his new book to Dreyer's three boys I'm Proud of You was released last month to rave reviews — and it looks like it got two thumbs up from the kiddos!

Between the book reading, hallway soccer playing, and assisted nose blowing, Melvin had his work cut out for him. But we're happy to report that he survived Dreyer's adorable family and passed the challenge with flying colors.

"So I've anchored a morning news show, had a front row seat to Olympics history, and interviewed a few world leaders, but today might be my toughest assignment yet: babysitting Dylan Dreyer's children," he quipped.

The full Big Dare segment can be found here, and trust us, it's worth the watch.

What's not to love about Dreyer's last-minute instructions? She clearly loved giving her co-star the lowdown on her family situation — and viewers did, too.

"Um, Rusty did not sleep well last night, he's a little grumpy," she explained to a bewildered-looking Melvin. "The beds are not made, they need a snack, I'll see ya later."

Melvin has been on a fatherly tear lately, showing that he is not only one of the best on-air personalities on TODAY, but one of the greatest and genuinely wonderful fathers out there. Fans are still getting over his fantastic interview with his son, Delano, which saw the 10-year-old flip the script on his dad and start asking the tough questions following the release of I'm Proud of You.

It's been a summer to remember so far for Melvin — we can't wait to see what happens next.