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Craig Melvin Was Interviewed by His 10-Year-Old Mini-Me, Delano, and They Are So Alike

Delano showed off much of the interview chops that made his dad famous!

By Chris Phelan

Shut it all down; there may not be a cuter moment than Craig Melvin being interviewed by his son, Delano!

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In honor of writing his first children's book, TODAY's Melvin embarked on a media tour de force in the form of an exclusive interview with someone who knows him all too well: his 10-year-old son, Delano. Melvin's highly-anticipated book about fatherhood, I'm Proud of You, was released on May 7 nationwide, and it looks like nobody is more proud than Delano.

Craig Melvin opens up about his kids, Delano and Sybil

In true 10-year-old fashion, Delano wasted no time asking the tough questions, asking what made his father write the book in the first place. Melvin responded that he was inspired by both of his kids. In addition to Delano, the TODAY host also shares 7-year-old Sybil with wife Lindsay Czarniak.

"I wanted to write a book that celebrated fatherhood, that celebrated you, celebrated your sister, that celebrated being a parent," Melvin explained. "I wanted to write something that you would enjoy, that you would be proud of. But I also wrote it because I wanted you to know-"

"That you're proud of me?" Delano interjected.

"Yeah, that I'm proud of you," Melvin said through smiles from both Melvin men. "But not just proud of the big stuff, I'm proud of the little stuff, too. I remember when you tied your shoes the first time. I remember when you made your first basket. I wanted to write something that celebrated the small things."

The video above suffers from cuteness overload in the best ways – young Delano exhibits all of the qualities that have made his dad a mainstay on TODAY since 2018. 

The anchor took to Instagram to commemorate the release of I'm Proud of You and included a few wonderful candid photos of himself and Delano:


"To celebrate the release of I’m Proud of You, I sat down with my 10-year-old son, Delano, for a very special conversation. πŸ“šπŸ’™ This was one of my favorite segments ever!" Melvin wrote in a caption. "You can grab your copy of I’m Proud of You TODAY! It is available at HC.com/CraigMelvin."

Craig Melvin can't resist going full dad mode to close out the interview

Craig Melvin holds his son Delano

The end of the interview proved to be a highlight, as Melvin couldn't resist dropping a groan-worthy joke. After his son challenged him to tell his best dad joke, he didn't disappoint.

"When does a joke become a dad joke?" he asked an unsuspecting Delano, blissfully unaware of the punchline to come.

"When it becomes apparent."

What followed was Delano shaking his head in either confusion, embarrassment, or perhaps a combination of both. In the end, it doesn't matter – it was the perfect ending to an already perfect father-son interview.