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5 Drama-Packed Shows to Watch on Peacock If You Miss This is Us

We're here to help fill the hole in your heart This Is Us left behind.

By Jessica White
THIS IS US | SERIES FINALE | Official Trailer

Let's face it: The series finale of This Is Us was a bittersweet goodbye.

How to Watch

Watch This Is Us episodes on NBC.

And while many fans have already started their rewatch of the show, just know that when you're finished, there are plenty of family dramas on Peacock that will scratch a similar itch. Here are five you can watch right now: 


Like This Is Us, Parenthood is a multi-generational family drama that keeps you on your toes. The show follows the four adult Braverman siblings and their parents, who after a lifetime of suppressing their marital issues have started to unravel their hidden feelings. Now that the Braverman siblings all have kids of their own, they begin to understand the true meaning of parenthood. The cast is stacked: Dax Shepard, Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, Mae Whitman, Craig T. Nelson, we could go on. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be getting Pearson family vibes the entire time.

Watch Parenthood on Peacock

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is widely known for taking high school drama to the next level. The series follows the lives of several members of the Dillon Panthers football team, their Coach (Kyle Chandler), and his wife (Connie Britton). While the team isn't technically related, their bond gives many families a run for their money in terms of love, friendship, and sacrifice. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!"

Watch Friday Night Lights on Peacock

We Are Lady Parts

As we see throughout This Is Us, the impact of our parents' decisions affects us through many stages of our lives. We Are Lady Parts explores this theme in a heartwarmingly humorous way. The show follows Amina, a Ph.D. student who joins an all-female and all-Muslim punk rock band. Each member of the band is uniquely complex, with the show exploring friendship, familial obligation, and society's expectations of women. Plus: great music. If you're a fan of British comedies packed with heart, we can't recommend We Are Lady Parts more. 

Watch We Are Lady Parts on Peacock

Wolf Like Me

This Is Us was excellent at depicting a single mother tasked with raising kids on her own, and Wolf Like Me is amazing at flipping the script to follow a single dad. A widowed father moves to Australia to move on from the death of his wife and to raise his daughter in peace. While he attempts to connect with his daughter more effectively, he meets Mary, and they instantly hit it off. However, both of them harbor some emotional baggage that keeps them drifting apart. Spoiler alert: She may or may not be a werewolf. Starring Josh Gadd and Isla Fisher, Wolf Like Me is a drama packed with humorous undertones. 

Watch Wolf Like Me on Peacock

Modern Family 

Many might think that Modern Family is simply a mockumentary-style romp, but the way the show handles familial connections places Modern Family firmly on our list.  The show follows three sections of the Pritchett family: Patriarch Jay and his younger wife (AGT Judge Sofia Vergara!), Jay's son, Mitchell, and his husband and adopted daughter, and Jay's high-strung daughter, Claire, and her silly husband Phil and their three children. Each episode will make you howl with laughter but also sneaks in This Is Us-like moments of vulnerability and wholesome connection that keep fans coming back for more of the family.

Watch Modern Family on Peacock

Watch This Is Us on Peacock and on NBC.

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