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Will Ferrell Dressed Like a Medieval Lord to Embarrass His Son at Prom

It's like Will Ferrell waited his whole life for that moment.

By Chris Phelan

Will Ferrell's oldest son, Magnus (20), turned back the clock on social media on June 11 with a delightfully embarrassing look at what was meant to be one of the best days of his high school career: his prom. In a retro photo featured in his TikTok, Magnus looked quite handsome in his salt-and-pepper suit — but alas, his date was nowhere to be found.

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Instead, his father was standing beside him, dressed in full-on medieval lord attire.

Watch the hilarious TikTok here.

"Rating things my dad has done: dressed as a medieval lord to embarrass me at prom 10000/10," the hysterical video's graphics read.

Will Ferrell embarrassed his son in the way only he can 

Will Farrell on the red carpet

Ferrell is committing to the bit entirely, while Magnus looks like he'd rather be anywhere else than next to his fully costumed dad. 

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Thankfully, it's clear Magnus is over the embarrassment these days, or else he wouldn't have uploaded the TikTok in the first place. The now 20-year-old is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California, where we have to assume his dad isn't following him around dressed as a medieval lord anymore.

Although he doesn't seem too keen about his father's antics in that TikTok, Magnus shares a lot of Ferrell's trademark funnyman personality. In a 2018 interview with Parade, Ferrell was beaming with pride talking about his oldest son's comedic chops. 

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"He's very subtly funny," Ferrell confessed. "Last year, for his yearbook photo, he borrowed another kid's glasses. He doesn't wear glasses. There he is with this very serious look with glasses on."

In addition to his medieval-lord-hating oldest son, Ferrell has two other children with his wife, Viveca Paulin: Mattias, 17, and Axel, 14.

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"I can only imagine, but I sometimes equate [parenting boys] to what it must be like running a prison," he joked to BANG Showbiz in 2017, per People