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Will Ferrell and Chad Smith's Twin Drum-Off Belongs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

It was an epic battle for the Golden Cowbell.

By Christopher Rudolph

On May 22, 2014, Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith showed up to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon dressed in identical Kiss Destroyer shirts, black leather jackets, and backwards baseball hats. The celebrity lookalikes were there to address their "rivalry."

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"I know that you guys kind of look alike, I didn't know you dress alike as well," Jimmy Fallon told the two as they sat down for their joint interview. "I'm honored to be hosting this end to this epic battle."

"You guys are upset. You're almost too angry to talk, and I understand," Fallon continued. "I can feel the heat coming off of your bodies, the anger, the pent up rage and confusion," he continued.

"He's an imposter," glowered Smith, who was pretending to be Ferrell, further confusing Fallon and the audience as to who was playing who on the couch.

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Will Ferrell and Chad Smith appear with host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 64 on May 22, 2014.

Are Chad Smith and Will Ferrell related? The drum-off's origin

No, Will Ferrell and Chad Smith aren't brothers or cousins — but fans have noticed a resemblance between the two.

As the story originates, in February 2014, Ferrell hosted a Reddit AMA where someone pointed out that he looked like Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Ferrell "set the record straight" by claiming that Smith was actually a character Ferrell created.

"It's not true, because he's not me," said Ferrell, pretending to be Smith, when Fallon asked him about the AMA.

Ferrell and Smith played the other person for a few more minutes, until Fallon informed them that it was time for them to compete in the promised drum-off battle.

"We were tricking you that whole time! This is Chad Smith, and I'm Will Ferrell, actually," Ferrell finally revealed. "Just so we know who's really doing the drumming."

Fallon led them over to The Tonight Show stage, where two drum sets were placed next to each other.

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Talk About Their Rivalry

Watch Will Ferrell and the Red Hot Chili Peppers drum-off on The Tonight Show

"This is a traditional drum-off. You each get four solos," Fallon explained. "Whoever whacks, smacks, and slaps the skins the best wins. Without further ado, let the drum-off begin!"

After Ferrell kicked off the battle with a set, it was Smith's turn as the two went back and forth trying to out-jam each other.

When it was Ferrell's final turn, he flipped one of his drumsticks out of his hand. When he went down to pick it up, he instead brought out his secret weapon: a cowbell.

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As if that wasn't enough of a surprise, the other members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers appeared from behind the drums for a surprise performance. RHCP covered "(Don't Fear) the Reaper," by Blue Öyster Cult, with Ferrell on cowbell, recreating the iconic Saturday Night Live sketch.

"Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations to Will Ferrell, the winner of the 2014 Golden Cowbell Drum-Off," said Fallon as he came back out onstage holding a giant cowbell, which he handed to Ferrell.

But the former SNL star wasn't the only winner, leading up to the drum-off, both Ferrell and Smith autographed cowbells, raising money for their respective charities, Cancer for College and Little Kids Rock.

We don't think talk show performances are entered into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but if that changes, then the Ferrell and Smith drum-off should be an instant induction.

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith appear backstage of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 64 on May 22, 2014.

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