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Ron Burgundy Crashed The Tonight Show to Talk About Will Ferrell's New Movie

Will Ferrell's delightfully chaotic character also played a round of "Movie Catchphrase" with Jimmy Fallon.

By Samantha Vincenty

On Tuesday, June 11, Will Ferrell was the scheduled guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — but Anchorman's iconic Ron Burgundy sat down with Jimmy Fallon instead. While Fallon's fellow Saturday Night Live alum couldn't be there himself, Burgundy took it upon himself to rave about the comedian's new movie, Despicable Me 4

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"Ron Burgundy! We weren't expecting you I'm so sorry," Fallon told the mustached reporter.

"Oh. Well, I got into the building," Burgundy replied. And what was he doing there? "Well, I was wandering around New York City, for Fleet Week—"

"No, I'm sorry, Fleet Week was a couple weeks ago," Fallon explained (the Host welcomed a group of servicemen and women as his Tonight Show audience on May 23rd).

"I kept walking up to people and I kept asking them. I can't seem to find any ships. Or sailors!" Burgundy said. "Lotta people wouldn't talk to me."

But Burgundy did have something to share. "I can't wipe the smile off my face," he exclaimed. "I just saw what I think is the greatest movie of all time: Despicable Me 4!" 

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Dissolving into hysterical giggles, Burgundy declared, "It might be the greatest movie of all time! It's so ridiculous." 

Ron Burgundy on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1986

Ron Burgundy didn't care for Will Ferrell in Despicable Me 4 

In the animated sequel, Ferrell plays Maxime Le Mal, a French nemesis of Gru's (Steve Carell). That was the one part of the movie that Burgundy didn't care for.

"That's when the movie really levels off," he told Fallon, making a 'yuck' face. "When that guy comes onscreen, people start to walk out." Or, at least from what he could see in the "four and a half hours long" bootleg copy of the movie that he bought in Chinatown. 

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After Fallon shared a clip from Despicable Me 4, Burgundy sat on Fallon's couch chortling as he ate a bucket of popcorn. Choking, Fallon saved him with a backslap that caused something to fly from Burgundy's mouth. Hilariously, Fallon and Burgundy then scrambled on hands and knees to retrieve the projectile.

Fallon and Burgundy unraveled what turned out to be an important message: "Despicable Me 4 is in theaters and IMAX on July 3rd." 

Ferrell's played some wild characters on The Tonight Show, from a "Tight Pants" wearer to a blond-haired audience heckler, but Ron Burgundy's a great guest anytime.

Ron Burgundy on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1986

Jimmy Ferrell and Ron Burgundy play "Movie Catchphrase" 

After their chat, Burgundy continued to drive Fallon up the wall in a hilarious round of "Movie Catchphrase."

Presented with clues about classic films like The Godfather and Rocky, Burgundy is convinced he completely nailed it. He does not.

Movie Catchphrase with Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell)