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Who Are the Stars of Twisted Metal? Who Do They Play? From Anthony Mackie to Stephanie Beatriz

Get to know the drivers in Peacock's new demolition derby of a series.  

By James Grebey

Peacock’s new action-comedy series Twisted Metal, which is based on the video game series of the same name, premieres on Thursday, July 27. The 10-episode series follows an amnesiac milkman as he drives across a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-like wasteland in his car, which is decked out with all sorts of guns. However, our protagonist is far from the only driver in the series. 

How to Watch

Watch every episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Peacock.

Here’s a rundown of who is who in the Twisted Metal cast, as well as who they play. (To the best of our knowledge — some of the actors' roles or the nature of the characters they play is still a secret ahead of the show’s release.) 

Anthony Mackie as John Doe

Characters Quiet and John Doe in a scene from Twisted Metal.

Mackie, best known for playing The Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for co-starring in the Best Picture-winning war drama The Hurt Locker, plays Jon Doe, a talkative milkman who works as a courier, braving the dangerous roads between the walled cities that exist as the last bastions of civilization after some sort of apocalypse 20 years ago. There is an amnesiac character named John Doe in the video games, though it’s unclear how closely the TV show’s version of the character will hew to that character’s tragic story.  

Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet

Characters Loud, Quiet and Jamie in a scene from Twisted Metal.

Beatriz, known for the sitcom Brooklyn 99 and for voicing the main character in Encanto, plays Quiet, a taciturn hitchhiker/carjacker who accompanies John Doe on his mission. Quiet is an original character, not from the games. 

Neve Campbell as Raven

Character Raven appears in a scene from Twisted Metal.

Campbell, star of all but the most recent Scream films, plays Raven, a higher-up in the walled city of New San Francisco who sends John Doe out to deliver a package with the promise that she’ll grant a wish if she does so. In the games, Raven is a playable character — a goth girl seeking revenge for her friend. However, the show version seems to have more in common with Calypso, a figure from the Twisted Metal games who runs the titular demolition derby and grants the winner a wish (though often not how they’d like it.)

Samoa Joe and Will Arnett as Sweet Tooth

Characters John Doe and Sweet Tooth appear in a scene from Twisted Metal.

Samoa Joe, a pro wrestler who is 6’ 2” and weighs 282 pounds, plays Sweet Tooth, the killer clown who is Twisted Metal’s most well-known character. However, Arnett, star of Arrested Development, The Lego Batman Movie, and more, provides Sweet Tooth’s wise-cracking voice. In the show, Sweet Tooth rules the ruins of Las Vegas. In the games, his head is literally on fire due to a curse, something that the series seems to have swapped with red hair and a mask. He still looks terrifying (and a little funny, which is the Twisted Metal sweet spot.)

Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone

Character Agent Stone appears in a scene from Twisted Metal.

The Spider-Man 3 star plays Agent Stone, another character from the games — two different characters with the same name, actually. Both are members of law enforcement, and both have their issues and reasons for competing in the Twisted Metal tournament. In the show, he’s a highway patrolman who has taken it upon himself to bring violent order to the lawless roads.

Richard Cabral as Loud

Cabral, who has been in American Crime and Mayans M.C., plays Loud, Quiet’s overprotective brother. 

Mike Mitchell and Tahj Vaughans as Stu and Mike

Characters Mike, Quiet, Stu, and John Doe appear in a scene from Twisted Metal.

Mitchell (The Tomorrow War) and Vaughans (P-Valley) play friends Stu and Mike, a pair of friends who had previously only appeared in the second Twisted Metal video game. They’re not quite cut out for the wasteland, but they find themselves involved in all sorts of trouble — or at least observing it. 

Lou Beatty Jr. as Tommy

The NCIS star plays Tommy, a cartographer who knows what sorts of dangers lie in the wasteland. 

Chloe Fineman, Jason Mantzoukas, and Michael Carollo as ???

Fineman (Saturday Night Live) and Mantzoukas (The Good Place, The League, Big Mouth) both appear in Twisted Metal in as-yet unrevealed roles. Carollo, a young actor who has appeared in a couple of cop dramas and the Tom Hanks movie Greyhound, also appears in the show.

When Does Twisted Metal premiere, and how do you watch it?

All ten episodes of Twisted Metal will premiere exclusively on Peacock on July 27.