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How Firehouse 51's Dog, Tuesday, Became the Mascot of Chicago Fire

No team of firefighters would be complete without an adorable Dalmatian.

By Jessica White

Every fire station needs a dedicated dog to hold down the fort and, in Chicago Fire's case, it was their adorable Dalmatian, Tuesday. The pup stole the hearts of Firehouse 51 and Chi-Hards everywhere.

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Any fire station gets an upgrade with a firehouse dog around — especially a classic Dalmatian like Tuesday. She was a One Chicago obsession for years, making Chi-Hards croon with each of her adorable scenes until her tragic passing ahead of the Season 10 finale premiere. 

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After becoming a mascot for Chicago Fire, Tuesday will be forever missed and never forgotten. 

Tuesday the Dalmatian and the Fire Station 51 team appear in Season 7 Episode 16 of Chicago Fire

When did the dog Tuesday first appear on Chicago Fire?

Tuesday made her One Chicago debut in Season 7 of Chicago Fire, making her way to Firehouse 51 as the puppy of Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri).

Ritter explained to his fellow firefighters that Tuesday was struggling with separation anxiety, so he began bringing her along to each of his shifts. After swiftly stealing the affection of any firefighter who saw her, Tuesday was officially dubbed Firehouse 51's firehouse dog, despite not accompanying the squad on the truck. 

Entertainingly unbothered, Tuesday preferred to chill on the couch and wait for her friends to relax with her between calls. Tuesday loved peanut butter and could be a little camera shy when it came to entertaining selfies from the younger 51 candidates, but was bursting with love in each scene. 

Stella Kidd attempted to train Tuesday the dog on Chicago Fire

Tuesday the Dalmatian and Stella Kidd ( Miranda Rae Mayo) appear in Season 7 Episode 11 of Chicago Fire

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) couldn't help but jump at a promising opportunity to add to 51's ranks, and attempted to train Tuesday as a working firehouse dog in Season 7, Episode 8 ("The Solution to Everything"). Stella soon discovered that her plan wasn't going to be easy, because Tuesday preferred to strut to the beat of her own drum. 

Kidd even went as far as enrolling Tuesday into the Fire Safety Dog Competition, but that proved to be an embarrassing affair. Just as Tuesday's exam began, she ran away from Stella, pinned a child to the ground, and then lovingly licked the kid's face. 

Stella's official CFD lessons didn't stick, but Tuesday continued to maintain her 51 reign from the sidelines, snuggling up to anyone she could. 

Tuesday was Chicago Fire's beloved mascot

Chicago Fire 711 Tuesday

Despite Tuesday's hilarious lack of obedience on camera, behind the scenes was a different story. The dog who played Tuesday (who was also named Tuesday) was incredibly well-trained on set, rehearsing her scenes and practicing for her role just like her One Chicago co-stars.

Between scenes, she also delighted in any opportunity to hang out with the cast and crew. Tuesday's on-set trainer, Christine Mahaney, revealed that her dog became the belle of the ball any time she visited the set. 

“She’s very social," Mahaney said of Tuesday in a 2020 interview with Reel Chicago. "When I have a call time, I have to allow extra time for Tuesday to say her hellos to every single person she sees on her way in, and then when we’re wrapped, she never leaves the set without saying many goodbyes to her people, as she thinks they are.”

Tuesday was the flower girl at Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide's wedding on Chicago Fire

Despite Stella's failed attempts at training Tuesday for CFD service, she did make the cutest flower girl in the history of Windy City weddings. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella chose Tuesday as their flower girl for their romantic Chicago Fire wedding, and she delivered a heartwarming performance. 

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The dog looked downright precious in her satin pink “flower girl” sash as Stellaride's loved ones celebrated their happy union in Season 10, Episode 22 ("The Magnificent City of Chicago").

The episode would also sadly serve as Tuesday's final episode of Chicago Fire. 

Chicago Fire's dog Tuesday died in 2022

Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende), Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri), and Tuesday the Dalmatian appear in Season 10 Episode 9 of Chicago Fire

Tuesday sadly passed away in 2022, after her appearance in the Season 10 finale ("The Magnificent City of Chicago") was filmed but before it aired on May 25, 2022. 

Tuesday's on-set trainer, Mahaney, announced the news by sharing a sweet picture of Tuesday beaming in a field of flowers. 

"As Tuesday's trainer, this may be the most difficult post I ever make. With the Season 10 finale also comes Tuesday's last episode on Chicago Fire," she shared. "It breaks my heart to share that Tuesday passed away on Sunday, May 22, due to unforeseen kidney issues." 

"The love from you, Tuesday's fans, over the past four years has been immense," she added. "Allowing her into your homes and hearts will forever be cherished. Tuesday loved working on set and being a part of the Chicago Fire family. Her tail never stopped wagging. She truly was very special."

The Chicago Fire cast was sad to bid farewell to their beloved firehouse pup, especially Kyri, who played the animal's on-screen best friend.

"Heartbroken to learn my little buddy is gone," Kyri wrote in an Instagram Story featuring an adorable behind-the-scenes picture of Tuesday, as reported by People. "Sending all my love to her trainer today. I got to spend time with her on set & do all the fun stuff, but you took care of her when the cameras weren't rolling. Love you, Tues!"

Hanako Greensmith, who plays paramedic Violet Mikami, shared her condolences over losing one of Chicago Fire's cutest candidates on X (formerly known as Twitter).  

"I’m so glad that Tuesday got to make an appearance as our wonderful flower girl," Greensmith shared. "May she rest peacefully, that sweet and gorgeous girl. Thank you for loving her as much as we did, sweet viewers."

As one of Firehouse 51's finest, Tuesday's Chicago Fire legacy lives on.

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