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These 3 Team Niall Artists Are Going to The Voice Season 24 Live Shows

Team Niall has narrowed down its Live Show finalists for The Voice Season 24. Here they are. 

By Matthew Jackson

It's officially Playoffs time on The Voice, and for Coach Niall Horan, there's a lot to prove. Horan came into Season 24 as the winner of the previous season, working to defend his title from Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and new Coach Reba McEntire. That's a lot of pressure, but to make things even more difficult, Horan was chosen as the first Coach to pick his final three Artists this season, setting the stage for drama on Tuesday night (November 21).

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Horan came into the Playoffs with six talented singers, but he could only leave with three. So, who's representing Team Niall as he heads into the Live Shows?

Team Niall: The three Artists going to Live Shows

Niall Horan sits at his coaches chair on The Voice Episode 2418

At the beginning of the night, Horan's team included Alexa Wildish, Claudia B. Huntley, Nini Iris, and Mara Justine. But thanks to the addition of the Super Save feature, which allows the Coaches to bring back one eliminated Artist this season, Horan was also able to call up Julia Roome, who lost her Knockout round but got another chance at glory during Playoffs. 

In the end, Horan led off his top three choices with Huntley, who's been impressing the Coaches ever since the Blind Auditions. 

"He's got such an individual tone in his voice, he's a machine onstage," Horan said of Huntley. "Not many voices like his, and there's a real spot for him in our industry."

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For his second choice, Horan went with Iris, another singer who's been with him since the Blinds.

"Nini is the most ready," he said. "She knows exactly who she is. She could win this whole thing. Are you listening, America?"

Team Niall onstage during Season 24 Episode 17 of The Voice

And for his final choice, Niall Horan went with a singer he managed to steal from Team Legend during the Knockouts: Mara Justine.

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"Mara's perfect for the Live Show because of the energy she brings, the controlled quality of her voice," he said. "She's so exciting for this competition."

The Voice Live Shows kick off Monday, December 4 on NBC. 


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