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Terry Crews Has a Hidden Musical Talent He’s (Almost) Ready to Share

Multifaceted man and America's Got Talent Host Terry Crews has yet another skill up his sleeve.

By Joe Dziemianowicz

A pec-tacularly multifaceted individual who’s famous for being a former NFL star, a flautist, author, actor, and Lego artist, America's Got Talent Host Terry Crews confided to NBC Insider ahead of America's Season 18 that he harbors a hidden talent of his own that he’s nearly ready to reveal ... but not quite yet.

Can Terry Crews sing?

“You know what, I like to sing,” he said. “Put that out there. But I think that there might be a single coming out some time soon.” 

Before Crews croons for a public audience, he added that he’d “have to really do a little more work.” 

Memo to the multitalented Mr. Crews: We’re all ears – and we’ll wait. 

Terry Crews on AGT Season 18

Terry Crews Smiling

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Crews also told NBC Insider that, since becoming the Host of AGT in 2019, he has consistently been blown away by the array of powerhouse performers — and said the latest larger-than-life lineup is filled with thrills.

“I have been so wowed by the talent this year,” he said

Time, patience, and, of course, practice are needed for developing the extraordinary skills showcased on AGT that get him and the Judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel so stoked.

In that sense, Crews believes the pandemic played a role in nurturing some of “the really bright spots” among the new Acts. 

“They showed up and they showed up ready,” Crews said. “I’ve seen things that you could only develop over two years of being sequestered and working on it.”

For Crews, AGT is very much his happy place, he told NBC Insider. When it comes to his schedule, he starts with the show and works from there.

“It’s not about making space here. This is the space,” he said. “I have to fit everything around this. This is my favorite.” 

In a way, that’s not so surprising. Being part of AGT is being part of grand TV tradition and history, according to Crews: “When you’re talking about the essence of what television is, it started like this — you know, Ed Sullivan.”

Crews connects the dots from that landmark show to America’s Got Talent

“This format will never get old. It will always be around,” he said. “And many people have tried to do it or duplicate it but they can’t get it.”

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- Reporting by Tara Bennett

This story was originally published on Mat 2, 2023. It was updated July 5, 2023.