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Terry Crews and Kodi Lee Had an Impromptu Dance Party on the AGT Set

Crews and Lee busted some moves while taping an AGT Season 18 episode. 

By Jackie Manno

Looks like Terry Crews and Kodi Lee had a blast behind the scenes while taping an America's Got Talent Season 18 episode. 

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Lee performed on the August 22 episode — and on August 30, before the next round of AGT Live Shows, Lee shared a video of himself and Crews doing a little dance backstage from when they filmed together.

In the fun clip posted to both their Instagram accounts, the two move their feet and wave their hands around energetically while laughing. Then, in a fun moment, Crews does his signature pec-popping move. 

"Bringing that #AGT live shows ENERGY! 🔥" Crews captioned the post. See their dance video further down this post! 

Crews is no stranger to showing off his dance moves. A few weeks ago, he iconically danced outdoors shirtless to "Cruel Summer" by Taylor Swift while waving a hose in the air and spraying himself with water. 

"Not a cruel summer when you're staying cool," he captioned the post. 

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As for Lee, he also has a few dancing tricks up his sleeve. This April, to raise awareness for World Autism Day, he posted a fun clip of himself doing some tap dancing choreography

"Hey guys! It's World Autism Awareness Day! Did you know, currently, 1 in 36 children in the U.S. [are] diagnosed within the autism spectrum? Let's work together to spread awareness! Heck yeah!" he said in the video. 

Terry Crews opens up about fame 

Terry Crews at an event.

When discussing his 2022 memoir Tough: My Journey to True PowerCrews opened up about how he grew and changed as a person when he achieved fame. 

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“It was the internal success," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It was feeling good about myself because I was just me. As entertainers, you’re perfectionists, but you’ll never do anything perfect. So you’re always feeling disappointed about a performance. You’re totally insecure all the time. But I became secure in just [thinking], 'Did I do my best?' And the answer was yes. Then I became very, very satisfied with that, and it started to grow." 

Crews continued, “This is the thing: Your thoughts determine your feelings. What I had to do was start changing the way I thought about myself, and then I felt better about myself. But what was happening before was that I was thinking bad thoughts about me. I thought, 'I’m not any good.' A lot of performers suffer from imposter syndrome where things are good, but you don’t see it as good, you see it as: You’re a fake and maybe you’re just lucky; you’re not really talented; you didn’t really earn this.”