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Your Minion Land Trip At Universal Orlando Won't Be Complete Without This Photo

An insider revealed the new most popular spot to get a picture with the Minions at Universal Orlando. 

By Tyler McCarthy

There are a lot of great places to take photos with your favorite movie characters at Universal Orlando Resort. However, if you’re a fan of the Minions (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), there’s one spot that’s become the go-to for parkgoers — a spot in Minon Land to get the best photo of the whole trip. 

Tucked inside Universal Studios Orlando’s Minon Land is the Illumination Theater, where you and your loved ones can get pictures with real-life Minions and other characters from your favorite Illumination films.

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“There, you can meet Minions, you can meet Gru, you can meet the girls, you can meet Vector, which is super cool because he’s kind of lurking outside Villain Con,” explained Project Manager at Universal Creative Carson Luter in an interview with NBC Insider. “And then we also have a bunch of the Sing characters as well. So Johnny’s out there. Rosita and Gunther are out there. All the Illumination movies, not just the Minions.”

Outside of the Illumination Theatre at Minion Land

However, he noted that, although there are official meet-and-greet and photo opportunities for you and your kids in Minion Land, there’s one spot right at the entrance that’s become the low-key most popular, must-have photo spot in the park. 

Where to Find the Best Minions Photo in Universal Studios Orlando

A statue of Minions at Minions Land

Luckily, this hidden gem is not so hidden. The moment you walk in the park, you’ll spot Minion Land thanks to an incredible sculpture of all the Minions getting into their typical mischief. It's there to let travelers from all over the world know they’ve made it to the number-one spot for Despicable Me fans. Crawling all over the official “Minion Land” sign is a slew Gru's little yellow helpers wreaking havoc on the sign and each other. According to Luter, it’s become the new hot spot for photos in the park.

“Every time I go out there, people are lining up to take pictures,” he revealed. “There’s like 22 Minions climbing on the Minion Land Marquis. And they’re all out there, it’s Kevin, it’s Stuart, it’s Otto. They’re all on it. So it’s super cool for kids to come up and go ‘Oh look there’s Tim!’” 

A statue of Minions building things at Minions Land
A statue of Minions building things at Minions Land

So, if you’re traveling to Universal Orlando Resort and you or someone you love is a Minion fan, you’d do well to head on over to Minion Land. There, you can not only check out the various rides and food options themed after the little guys, but your trip simply won’t be complete without a quick snapshot in front of the Minion Land sign sculpture! 

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