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Organized Crime's Unlikely Duo Jamie Whelan and Jet Slootmaekers Just Teamed Up

These two detectives couldn't be more opposites. 

By Jessica White
Stabler and Bell Visit Reyes in the Hospital After He's Stabbed | NBC's Law & Order: Organized Crime

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It takes a lot to take down the bad guys on Law & Order: Organized Crime, which is why the unit has received an expansion this season with the introduction of Detectives ​​Bobby Reyes (Rick Gonzalez) and Jamie Whelan (Brent Antonello). And it's up to tenured task member Jet Slootmaekers (Ainsley Seiger) to break the new guys in.

Jet and Jamie grow closer on Law & Order: Organized Crime

While Bobby is typically off being the team's resident "Invisible Man" (and married with three kids), Jamie and Jet have been spending more and more time together on the clock. The moment they met, OC fans were greeted with a fun dynamic as an over-eager Whelan tried to learn more about how the OC Unit works, while a no-nonsense Jet brushes him off. In Episode 2, "Everybody Knows the Dice Are Loaded, "the team went undercover at a club, with Stabler telling Jet and Jamie to "cut a rug," forcing Jamie and Jet to dance (awkwardly) with each other. It's humorously surreal to see Jet have to let loose, with Jamie quickly catching on that even when she lets loose, she always has a grip. 

Jamie and Jet continue to interact in Episode 5, "Behind Blue Eyes," when the OC Unit goes after a new organization of criminals, the illusive Robinhood gang. Robinhood is especially dangerous because its group members dress up as members of the NYPD, targeting drug dealer homes to prevent the victims from speaking out. While the OC Unit wasn't able to track down the Robinhood gang by the episode's end, Whelan and Jet connected throughout the chaos.

While going undercover at a speakeasy attended by a member of Robinhood, Whelan asks if Jet ever actually dances (referencing their first dance while undercover at the club). "The other night, when we actually had to look like we were having a good time on the dance floor, I got the sense you're more of a person that goes and watches people.," he said. When Jet provides a non-answer (a very Jet moment), Whelan admits that he is just trying to fit in and that Jet seems "more anxious lately."

But Jet isn't the type to be read like that. "You're still new. You don't get to make those calls about me," Jet tells him. "If you want me to be a part of this team," Whelan explains. "You'll have to let me in at some point." Jet seems unsure about that, and their conversation is cut short, but it's clear that Jamie is trying his best to get inside Jet's head

Something is definitely simmering between Jamie and Jet

Episode 7, "All That Glitters," begins with Jet and Jamie entering a jewelry store undercover as a married couple shopping for engagement rings. While actually investigating a money laundering scheme, the pair start to argue in front of the teller about wedding logistics. While everything they're saying is an act, their flirtatious frustrations with each other seem all too real. Especially when Jamie comments on Jet's side of the family failing to contribute to wedding expenses. 

"Maybe if you had asked for that raise, they wouldn't have to contribute," Jet snaps. 

Listening from a van nearby, Stabler takes notes of their petty squabble. "That's really cute!" he says to Sgt. Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt). "They're having their first fight."

After their undercover stint, Jet gives Jamie the cold shoulder while at work. As the OC Unit investigates the money laundering scheme, it becomes clear that everyone around the office is aware of the tension between Jamie and Jet (with Stabler even giving Jamie a heart-shaped hand gesture about their relationship). 

While staking out a potential suspect, Jet and Jamie find themselves in close quarters with nowhere to go despite their previous argument. Neither one of them budge, but finally, Jamie caves and says something. 

"I forgot to say I'm sorry, by the way," Jamie admits. "The thing I said about your parents not paying. I was just trying to adlib some character."

"I didn't mind," Jet says.

"Oh yeah, you did. You did," Jamie insists. "Look, yesterday was awkward. Let's just admit it and move on."

There's a moment of weighted silence between the two detectives before Jet shockingly reveals, "My parents didn't pay for my wedding. It just struck a nerve, that's all."

"Wait, you're married?" Jamie asks, echoing every OC fan watching at home.

"Was," Jet clarifies. "I was 20. Huge mistake."

Jet then uncharacteristically opens up, explaining that her father hasn’t spoken to her since the ill-fated marriage. Jamie listens thoughtfully, but Jet ultimately ends their heart-to-heart to direct their attention back to their case. The conversation is over, but there is a lingering energy between them as Jet sneaks a glance at Jamie as if to ask, "Did I really just tell him all that?"

To see more of Jamie and Jet's relationship, watch Law & Order: Organized Crime on NBC Thursdays at 10/9c and next day on Peacock.