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Heidi Klum Tried to Teach Sofia Vergara German—And It Went Off the Rails

The gorgeous America's Got Talent Judges had their fun pronouncing the words—albeit suggestively. 

By Jackie Manno
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America’s Got Talent: All-Stars Judge Heidi Klum and AGT Judge Sofia Vergara have had their fair share of witty banter together. But their latest hang-out is one for the books. 

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On January 28, Vergara posted a hilarious video of herself and Klum bonding in the most unexpected way. Klum tried to teach Vergara some fun German words, and, well, it doesn’t exactly go as planned. (At least the two have a good sense of humor about it!)

In the video, the two are sitting outside on a bright, sunny day. Klum is decked out in a long dress with a slit at the leg and purple flannel detailing, along with knee-high boots. Meanwhile, Vergara is rocking a simple short strapless black dress.

“Should I teach you some German words while we’re sitting?” Klum asked. “I think you should learn some German...For example: taschenlampe!”

“Tachencomp…me tachenmmm…what is it?” Vergara asked.

“Taschenlampe!” Klum repeated.

“Touch and hump me!” Vergara said humorously as people jokingly gasped in the background.

“Taschenlampe!” Klum said.

“Tach en hump meh!” Vergara shouted.

“It is a flashlight. It has nothing to do with humping,” Klum said with an amused sigh.

“So it doesn’t have anything to do with the models?” Vergara asked. “Say a word that has something to do with the Contestants!” (They were on the set of Klum's show Germany's Next Top Model.

“Let's think of a different word then,” Klum responded. She then tried to get Vergara to pronounce the German word for high heels that sounded like “horseshoe.”

"What are you saying?” Vergara said.

“It's heels! It's high heels!” Klum explain, as they then hugged and giggled.

“Lippenstift!” Klum exclaimed the word for "lipstick" next, staying on the fashion theme.

“Lippenchims!” Vergara responded with confidence.

“Lif…on…stip," she tried again.

“Mittagessen!” Klum then said the German word for "having lunch." “Mittabegasm!” Vergara said, giving another cheeky response.

“Sonnenbrille!” Klum then said, meaning "sunglasses."

“Songganbelala!” Vergara guessed.

Next, the German word for nail polish: “Nagellack!” Klum exclaimed, while Vergara said, “Nalalalavalack!” 

Vergara then playfully got up and stormed away from the camera in faux frustration. These two! 

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