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From 200 Episodes, Here Are the Chicago P.D. Cast's All-Time Favorite Scenes

From heart-wrenching drama to humorous character introductions, the Chicago P.D. cast knows how to bring it.

By Jessica White

Between the adrenaline-packed action and heart-wrenching drama, countless jaw-dropping scenes have come out of Chicago P.D. Dick Wolf's police drama within the One Chicago family (which also includes Chicago Fire and Chicago Med) has cultivated quite a captivated fanbase with its powerhouse cast. With nine seasons under its belt and a 10th season on the way this fall, One Chicago fans never know what will happen next to the uniformed patrol officers and the Intelligence Unit of the 21st District. In a city that's never short on crises, Chicago P.D. fans trust that the characters will do everything they can to see justice served.

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Chi-Hards might find it challenging to choose a scene of Chicago P.D. as their favorite; there are simply so many great scenes to pick from. But maybe the Chicago P.D. cast's picks for favorite scenes will help jog your memory. See them, below. 

Jesse Lee Soffer loved the action-packed plot of Season 1

Favorite Chicago P.D. Scene: Season 1, Episode 12 ("8:30 PM")

Soffer plays Detective Jay Halstead, a blunt and dedicated member of the Intelligence Unit. His favorite scene is from the first season when the officers formed a tactical line outside the apartment of a potential threat. Soffer loved the scene because it showed him how much potential the show had. "I just remember feeling so much adrenaline and so much excitement because I knew this show was going to be badass," he said. 

LaRoyce Hawkins loved finally getting to show the soft side of Atwater

Favorite Chicago P.D. Scene: Season 9, Episode 5 ("Burnside")

One Chicago fans are accustomed to seeing Hawkins' Officer Kevin Atwater in a serious light, but in the ninth season of Chicago P.D., that facade begins to fade. Atwater's tough exterior starts to crumble when he falls in love with Celeste (their relationship was short-lived, though; more details here). The scene where they finally start to get personal with each other is Hawkins' particular favorite. "I like it because it was an opportunity to see a different side of Atwater," Hawkins reveals. "We usually see him breaching down doors and quite perplexed most of the time, but it was nice to watch him enjoy himself."

Marina Squerciati enjoyed getting to challenge herself as an actress

Favorite Chicago P.D. Scene: Season 7, Episode 13 ("I Was Here")

Squerciati has dozens, if not hundreds, of memorable scenes throughout the 175+ episodes of Chicago P.D. as Officer Kim Burgess. For her, one sticks out. "Dramatically, it would be the scene where I lost the baby," she says. "There's so many to choose from in that episode, and they all tested me in a way."

Patrick John Flueger loved Chicago P.D.'s first impression of Adam Ruzek

Favorite Chicago P.D. Scene: Season 1, Episode 1 ("Stepping Stone")

What was Flueger's favorite scene as Officer Adam Ruzek? His character's iconic introduction, of course. "It was the first scene I was ever in," Flueger admits. "My first day working on the show." Adam is pulled from the Academy and immediately joins the Intelligence Unit because of his clever, if not impulsive, rescue tactics during a suicide shooter scenario. "I'm trying to talk to this guy with a gun to his head, and instead, I just kick him over in his chair and take the gun from him." Chi-Hards will never forget Alvin Olinsky's line, "We'll take him."

Amy Norton loved seeing Trudy's tough-as-nails demeanor shattered

Favorite Chicago P.D. Scene: Season 4, Episode 5 ("A War Zone")

Chi-Hards usually experience a no-nonsense Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt. But Norton's favorite scene was when Trudy's domineering demeanor was thrown out the window after the murder of her father in Season 4. "It was with Voight after my father got murdered," Norton reminisced. "I'm about to wreak havoc in retribution for his murder." Luckily, Voight was there to save the day once again. Norton had One Chicago fans sobbing when she broke down, screaming, "He killed my dad!"

Tracy Spiridakos loved seeing Upton finally defend herself

Favorite Chicago P.D. Scene: Season 9, Episode 8 ("Fractures")

It's not uncommon for the characters of Chicago P.D. to be forced to defend their police work, especially with the risky scenarios they frequently end up in. Spiridakos' favorite scene as Detective Kate Upton is when "Upton kind of comes back to herself." Upton defends herself to an FBI agent regarding her involvement in a covered-up murder, flawlessly delivering the iconic line, 'I'm a great cop. I'm in the middle of working a murder. And you're wasting my time."

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