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Bowen Yang Is Sydney Sweeney's Toxic Crush in SNL's 'Bowen's Straight' Sketch

The March 2 SNL short presents an alternate reality where cast member Bowen Yang is heterosexual, loving and leaving Host Sydney Sweeney. 

By Samantha Vincenty

Saturday Night Live cast member since 2019, Bowen Yang has impersonated public figures from George Santos to Truman Capote, in addition to creating countless original characters from scratch. And while the openly-gay comedian and Wicked actor discovered the value of a "Straight Male Friend" in a 2023 sketch co-starring Travis Kelce, Yang played a heterosexual (and deeply toxic) version of himself opposite March 2 Host Sydney Sweeney in a hilarious new SNL short titled "Bowen's Straight." 

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The sketch opens in the SNL offices, as Sweeney confides in cast members Ego Nwodim and Heidi Gardner. "Can i tell you guys something super embarrassing? I have like an itsy-bitsy crush on someone here, I think," Sweeney tells them. 

"Who? Lenny Pickett?" Nwodim asks, referring to the longtime SNL music director.

Nope. It's not Michael Longfellow or Marcello Hernández: Sweeney breathlessly confesses that it's "Bowen." The camera cuts to Yang holding court near them as he cracks a seemingly out-of-character joke about past musical guests boygenius. 

While Gardner and Nwodim both encourage Sweeney to "go for it," the Anyone But You star asks, "...but isn't he gay?"

"No," Nwodim tells her. "Bowen's straight!"

"Yeah, straight as they come," Gardner nods, as we see Yang fist-bumping in the corner. "Bowen just plays gay on the show because it's a short cut to laughs." 

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Once Sweeney learns that Yang hooks up with "hot girls"—and sees him beg off a lovesick Gina Gershon, in a random cameo—she's in deep. 

Bowen Yang and Gina Gershon during a sketch on Saturday Night Live Episode 1857

Sydney Sweeney crushes hard on the "straight" Bowen Yang

After the two exchange meaningfully dramatic looks, Sweeney spaces out while Mikey Day pitches a Sydney Sweeney Todd sketch, as Yang tosses her a "hey, baby girl, where's my smile?"

"Bowen, I didn't know you were straight," Sweeney whispers. 

"Oh, yeah, I'm full hetero," Yang assures her, in a totally natural-sounding declaration of straightness. 

Inevitably, Sweeney and Yang—or rather, the bizarro-world versions of themselves—hook up on a desk in the SNL offices. Immediately afterward, Sweeney learns that Yang's not just straight, he's a stereotypically-toxic straight guy who blows her off while he plays video games.

Sydney Sweeney and Bowen Yang during a sketch on Saturday Night Live Episode 1857

"I got to keep up appearances with the whole gay thing," Yang tells Sweeney when she tells him she'd like to see him again. "It's sort of my meal ticket." 

Watch the delightfully absurd "Bowen's Straight" short above. 

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The "Bowen's Straight" sketch comes on the one-year anniversary of another laugh-out-loud sketch—revisit Yang and Travis Kelce's "Straight Male Friend" collab from Kelce's March 4, 2023 episode below. 

Straight Male Friend