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April and Ethan Are Officially Getting Married on Chicago Med: What We Know

Let the wedding bells ring! 

By Jessica White
April Returns | NBC’s Chicago Med

Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) and ED Nurse April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) are one of the few romantic success stories on Chicago Med, and the day fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. That's right: We've got a Chexton wedding in the works! 

How to Watch

Watch the Season 10 premiere of Chicago Med on Wednesday, September 25 at 8/7c on NBC

The chemistry between Ethan and April has always been explosive, so as soon as April returned to Med after leaving in Season 6, the speculation of a potential Chexton reunion has been bouncing around. The former flames tried the whole marriage idea before, but had their relationship run its course? 

Based on the romantic tension between the two upon April's return, absolutely not. This was confirmed in Episode 5 when Ethan and April danced together at the club and later spent the night together (in Episode 6). Viewers got a verbal confirmation of the return of Chexton from Dr. Choi himself in Episode 7 during a chat with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), insinuating that the pair had been hitting it off for a while now.  

"To be honest, it's much easier the second time around," Ethan told him. "It's like we got all the big arguments out of the way."

"That's great," Will said. 

"It turns out we were walking down the same path this entire time," Ethan explained. "We just didn't know it."

Episode 8, "Everyone's Fighting a Battle You Know Nothing About" begins with Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) opening a mysterious letter and bursting into a huge smile after reading its contents. As Ethan exits the elevator to the ER, Maggies runs to his side excitedly. "Are you serious? I can't believe April kept it from me," she says. 

"Surprised?" Ethan asks her. 

"Thrilled!" Maggie exclaims. "I'm so happy for you guys!" Maggie hugs him, revealing the letter's contents, an invitation to Ethan and April's wedding! Hooray!

Later in the episode, Ethan and Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) meet to grab a coffee in between patients. Dr. Charles congratulates Ethan on the engagement (re-engagement?), poking fun at still having his tuxedo from their last attempt. Ethan chuckles before telling Dr. Charles the secret to their reunion's success. Spoiler alert: It's heartwarming.

"My dad's passing crystallized a lot for me," Ethan reveals. "The man I want to be, the life I want to have, and an urgency to get those changes down. It's probably why things are so easy with April this time around. I guess I got closer to the guy she was holding out for."

April and Ethan's relationship has experienced its fair share of trials and tribulations, but their love for each other has remained strong throughout their challenges. It turns out the time they spent apart led to the growth they both needed to finally be a match. Chicago Med fans are long due a happily ever after for its couples, so it's refreshing to see Ethan and April thriving without any drama. 

Find out how April and Ethan's long-awaited wedding unfolds by watching Chicago Med Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.

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