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All About Jared Lennox, Violet's Shady New Partner on Chicago Fire

Violet's new partner isn't exactly Firehouse 51 material, which might spell trouble for the station.

By Jessica White

Season 12 of Chicago Fire has been jam-packed with exciting updates, from swoon-worthy weddings to changes within Firehouse 51. As for Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith), she's celebrating a recent promotion to Paramedic in Charge. 

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Between her passionate dedication and competitive perfectionism, Violet was the natural choice after the exit of Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer). However, with Violet's promotion comes the job she leaves behind. Violet initially thought she'd have a say in who would be joining her in the ambulance, but the no-nonsense Paramedic Chief Robinson (Laura Allen) had other ideas, ultimately insisting on selecting her replacement and Firehouse 51 newbie. 

In a chat with NBC Insider, Greensmith gave her idea of Violet's perfect partner — as well as who would be her worst nightmare on a call.

"[Violet] wants someone who's competent, wants someone who's drama-free, wants someone that is loyal, and wants someone that is responsible," Greensmith revealed. "I think she has really high standards for her work, and I think she would want the same thing from her partner."

"I feel like someone who would be really hard for her to work with is someone who doesn't listen to her commands, doesn't respect her as a Paramedic In Charge," she continued. "I think it would also be hard to be with someone who's irresponsible or unpredictable or doesn't really respect the job in the same way she does. I think any of those elements would make for kind of a perfect storm on Ambo 61."

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Chi-Hards have been perched to see who will fill the void Brett leaves behind. Sadly for Violet, it doesn't seem like it's going to be a smooth ride. Here's what happened during Season 12, Episode 7 ("Red Flag"): 

Who is Jared Lennox on Chicago Fire Season 12?

Jared Lennox (played by Law & Order: Organized Crime guest star Wesam Keesh) is a new addition at Firehouse 51, sent by Violet's curmudgeonly boss as Brett's replacement on the ambulance. At the top of the episode, Violet was thrilled about her first day as PIC, but nervous over meeting her replacement after having no say in who it would be. Violet was suspicious Robinson had it out for her, but Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) assured her that Robinson was finding a viable candidate. Enter Jared Lennox, a firefighter from the Chicago suburbs. 

While introductions were smooth, there was fission between Violet and Lennox during their first call with Firehouse 51. It was a routine house fire that left an elderly civilian with carbon monoxide exposure. When Violet directed Lennox to give the patient two IVs, he questioned her order and delayed the treatment process. Violet snapped for him to follow her order, to which he hesitantly complied. 

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Violet felt strange about the interaction, so she confronted him and said there isn't time to debate treatment options when precious lives are in danger. Lennox insisted he didn't mean to offend, mentioning that his previous station allowed input. 

"I'm sorry the bells went off before we had a chance to talk procedure, but this is how it works here," Violet told him, earning a hesitant "copy that" from Lennox.

The confrontation did nothing to calm Violet's nerves, prompting her to visit Lt. Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) for advice about what she should do. Stella sympathized with Violet's frustrations but told her not to take the disrespect lying down. Stella encouraged Violet to stay secure and ditch apologies, reminding her to bring the "Violet vibe full-force."

Jared Lennox is causing Violet Mikami headaches

Jared Lennox (Wesam Keesh), and Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) appear in Season 12 Episode 8 of Chicago Fire.

While Lennox acclimated to his surroundings, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) handled the fallout of the house fire, leaving a teenage girl homeless for the time being. The 51 firefighters allowed the girl to stay at the station overnight while she waited for her grandmother to be discharged from the hospital. Lennox was confused by the gesture, seemingly baffled by 51's congenial (albeit non-protocol) hospitality. 

It all went belly-up after Violet and Lennox were called for a choking man, who Violet believed needed a shock due to going into anaphylactic shock.

"You're the new PIC, if you say so, I'm on it," Lennox said, immediately causing the wife who called 9-1-1 to panic and question what they were doing.

No one wants a newbie saving their husband, but it was an unnecessary distraction from the emergency at hand. Violet was correct in her hunch, saving the civilian after giving him a shot, but it left an even worse taste in her mouth regarding her new partner. As the paramedics arrived back at 51, Violet called Lennox out.

"You used the term new PIC on purpose to cast doubt on my abilities in front of the victim and his wife," Violet accused him, which Lennox denied, claiming he was simply deferring to her. 

"I can't have my partner undermining me on every call," Violet insisted. "That's not going to work."

"I'll make sure it never happens again," Lennox told her.

"That's two strikes, Lennox," Violet said. "You have one left."

Jared Lennox is a threat to Firehouse 51

Lennox asked Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) while they both were in the steam room, "What's the deal with this place? Chief Robinson warned me 51 was known for going out of bounds, but man."

Lennox then proceeded to hurl complaints about the station, eventually leading to insults about Violet and her commanding style despite being "no great shakes herself." Predictably, Carver wasn't gonna allow these remarks to fly.

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"You have no clue how lucky you are to be riding with her," Carver told him.

"What, you gotta thing going on with her, or what? Take it easy," Lennox shrugged. "I can't say or do anything right, man. I'm trying, I really am trying, but I get the feeling I'm never gonna' fit in at 51. Which might be fine by me."

Lennox stormed away, but it was clear this conflict wasn't going anywhere. Boden received a troubling phone call, prompting him to visit Violet and Carver at Molly's to give them a heads-up of bad news: Lennox had filed a formal complaint against Violet. Even worse, he also filed a complaint against 51 for harboring a civilian. A harrowing realization dawned on the 51 friends.

"Robinson and Lennox aren't just coming after me," Violet said. "They're coming after all of 51."

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