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A Ranking of Reddington’s Best Aliases on The Blacklist

After reviewing over 70 possible contenders, here are the best of the best nicknames Red has earned. 

By Jessica White
Red’s Secret Is Out | The Blacklist | NBC

As one of the world's most enigmatic criminal masterminds, The Blacklist's Raymond Reddington (James Spader) has been called many names. 

Red boasts a list of aliases about as long as his list of criminal misdeeds. Each of Red's aliases serves a different purpose to confuse the authorities, maintain his anonymity, and guarantee he flies under the radar.

In Season 10 alone, we've seen Red use many misleading aliases. Across all seasons of The Blacklist, he's used well over 70 nicknames. Below are five of his best: 

"Number 00"

Reddington's infamous list of criminals has to begin somewhere. As the author of the ever-growing lineup of Blacklisters, it makes sense that the clock starts with Red. Every Blacklister criminal has a designated number, and as the founder of the Blacklist, Red has become known as "Number 00" in the roster. There's something satisfyingly cryptic about the numerical nickname, and it suits the mystifying man perfectly. 

Red’s Secret Is Out | The Blacklist | NBC

"The Man in the Hat"

The alias Reddington has earned by those who haven't received the honor of meeting him formally is "the man in the hat." Based on Red's appearance to most passersby, Red's fondness for his iconic fedora takes the spotlight with this moniker. Spotted in magazines, police reports, and investigation photos (but never arrested or unmasked to the public), "the man in the hat" remains at large to this day. 


While most of Red's aliases are rooted in deceit, one is quite lighthearted. "Pinky" was given to Red by Agnes Keen. He earned the nickname after introducing himself to Agnes when she was a young child; Agnes decided she liked the color pink more than red, and thus "Pinky" was born. 

On set of The Blacklist, Season 3 Episode 1 The Troll Farmer.

"Nick's Pizza"

Reddington assumes this identity in his Task Forces' phone contacts, so when he calls them, it appears they are simply chatting with a local pizzeria. That said, if an eagle-eyed person were to look back at the call logs, they'd see that the FBI has probably ordered mountains of pizza. Fun fact: Nick's Pizza is an inside joke penned by Blacklist producer Jon Bokenkamp, who added the detail as a reference to another popular crime series he worked on in the past: Alias.

"The Concierge of Crime"

No one can deny that "Concierge of Crime" is the coolest of cool nicknames ever uttered on The Blacklist. Blacklist producer John Fox explained at a 2013 ComicCon that the concept for the show began with Red's most notorious nickname. “It was really kind of a fascination I had with this character; this kind of mythic criminal who had touched all crime big and small," Fox explained. "And I began to just kind of ruminate and workshop on that character and hit on this idea of the ‘concierge of crime.'"

The Blacklist, Season 10 Episode 2

Bonus: Raymond "Red" Reddington

Did you forget that the Task Force's name for Red has been an alias all along? That's right: The name we've come to know and love throughout all 10 seasons of The Blacklist is yet another moniker claimed by the criminal mastermind. In truth, we don't actually know the true identity of the Reddington that has inspired an entire FBI Task Force's namesake. There are dozens of theories surrounding Red's true identity, but the mystery of who the man is under the hat remains unsolved.