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10 Iconic The Office Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

From Scranton Business Park to Alfredo's, these Office locations are still out there, waiting for your selfies. 

By Matthew Jackson

Over the course of nine seasons, The Office piled up lots of memorable, and memorably hilarious moments, and we ended up spending so much time with the Dunder Mifflin gang that we felt like we knew them, and the world they inhabited. Of course, while the series is fictional, much of the world the characters spent time in is very real, so real you can visit. 

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The American version of The Office famously takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is of course a real city with its own iconic locations and tourism sites, many of which were ultimately featured on the show. While much of the series proper was filmed in California standing in for Pennsylvania, many of the series' locations outside the Dunder Mifflin office are real Scranton places that you can still visit today. Throw in a couple of stops at major locations on the West Coast, and you've got a jam-packed Office tour. 

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So, if you're ready to get away from your desk and out into the world of Michael Scott and friends, here are 10 iconic locations from The Office that you can still go visit in real life.

The Office Locations You Can Actually Visit

Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company - Scranton, PA

The very first thing you see when you tune into an episode of The Office is the stately old home of the Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company, a real company that's still in business in Pennsylvania to this day. Characters never visit it, but the building, with its iconic tower, is an unforgettable piece of The Office lore thanks to its place in the opening credits. So, if you want a photo-op, you can head on over, and you might even notice that the tower features some new Dunder Mifflin signage in honor of the show.

Scranton Business Park - Panorama City, CA

The Office is set in Scranton, but the actual Dunder Mifflin offices were, for production reasons, laid out at a studio in California, where both interiors and exteriors for "Scranton Business Park" were filmed. The building is still in use, so you can't exactly wander around inside, but you can still get a selfie from the street. Just know that the studio –– now known as Quixote Studios' Central Valley location –– looks a little different now than it did while the show was being filmed.

Poor Richard's Pub - Scranton, PA

The favorite watering hole of the Dunder Mifflin crew, Poor Richard's is mentioned and depicted throughout the series, whether it's being used as a hangout spot or the place where Michael's Dunder Mifflin TV ad was screened for the first (and only) time. Like many Scranton locations, it's a real place, and it's still open seven days a week for Office fans and regulars alike. 

Alfredo's Pizza - Scranton, PA

Just like Poor Richard's, Alfredo's Pizza Cafe is a real restaurant in Scranton, not to be confused with the fictional (and disgusting) Pizza by Alfredo. They're also still open, and still serving pizza as well as pasta, burgers, and a wide variety of other entrees. Just don't order the meatball parm. We hear it's their worst sandwich.

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Cooper's Seafood House - Scranton, PA

Completing our trinity of popular Dunder Mifflin eateries, there's Cooper's, a family-owned seafood restaurant that appears in multiple episodes of the series. Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, this restaurant is still open for you to stuff your face with lobster, Michael Scott-style. 

Congregational Church of the Chimes - Sherman Oaks, CA

Every Office superfan hopes to visit the site of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly's legendary wedding, and as fans know, there are actually two locations to visit. Jim and Pam were secretly married the first time at Niagara Falls, which is... well, it's Niagara Falls, you can find it. If you're looking for the church where the ceremony, and the famous dance, took place, you'll want to head to the opposite coast. The wedding ceremony was filmed at the Congregational Church of the Chimes in Sherman Oaks, California, specifically in the Church's Staves Chapel, which their website notes has since become a popular wedding destination for Office fans from all over the world. 

The Marketplace at Steamtown - Scranton, PA

Formerly known as the Steamtown Mall, which is what it's called on the show, the Marketplace is home to several key references in Office lore (that time Pam and Phyllis wore the same outfit), as well as the memorable shopping excursion in the episode "Women's Appreciation." Head to Auntie Anne's Pretzels, visit Boscov's to see if you can snag one of Phyllis' looks, and of course, get your picture taken in front of the "Scranton Welcomes You" sign featured in the opening credits. 

Lake Scranton - Scranton, PA

In the classic Season 3 episode "Beach Games," Michael takes the whole Scranton branch out for a day of fun and not-so-friendly competition at Lake Scranton, where wills are tested and certain truths finally spill out. In reality, the episode was shot at the Hansen Dam reservoir in California's San Fernando Valley, but you can also visit the real place. While the lake in "Beach Games" was specifically made to look a bit sad, Lake Scranton looks quite beautiful, and boasts a nice walking trail. 

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Scranton City Hall - Scranton, PA

Like several other Scranton landmarks, City Hall appears in the opening credits of The Office, and gets a mention in a couple of episodes throughout the course of the series. These days, though, it's worth visiting for another reason: A Dundie Award presented to the city by NBCUniversal for being the "Best Hometown of The Office." If you're looking for photo-ops, a giant Dundie feels like something you shouldn't miss.

Anthracite Heritage Museum - Scranton, PA

The Anthracite Heritage Museum doesn't play a huge role in The Office, but if you remember the Season 3 episode "The Merger," you definitely remember Michael and Dwight shouting "The Anthracite Museum!" in their "Lazy Scranton" rap video. Do you need a better reason to visit than that?

Is There a Chili's (or Hooters) in Scranton?

We know what every Office fan reading this is thinking: If they go to Scranton, they have to stop at Chili's, site of the legendary Dundie Awards from Season 2. Well, we've got some bad news: There is no Chili's in Scranton. And before you ask, we know what you're thinking: There's not a Hooters in Scranton either. But hey, that just makes more time for you to check out the local restaurants serving as key locations in The Office

For even more locations from The Office, check out the self-guided tour maps provided by the Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau.

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