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The Best of Will Ferrell as Deangelo Vickers on The Office

The juggling expert and Southwest enthusiast brought some quirky management issues to Dunder Mifflin. 

By Megan Lasher

Will Ferrell recently starred in the Barbie movie as Mattel's CEO, but that wasn't his first time playing a boss on-screen.

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In 2011, the comedian appeared on The Office as the new Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch manager as Michael Scott (Steve Carell) prepared to move to Colorado with his fiancé Holly Flax (Amy Ryan). 

Revisit Ferrell's four-episode character arc that ended with quite the bang. 

Angela Martin, Kevin Malone, Deangelo Vickers, Pam Beesly, and Michael Scott appear in a scene from The Office.

Who did Will Ferrell play on The Office?

Ferrell's character was named Deangelo Vickers. 

He first joined the cast in Season 7, Episode 20 ("Training Day"). Michael met Deangelo at a local bar and the two bonded over their shared love of the summer Olympics before realizing that the other one was the person they were supposed to be meeting with. 

Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) attempted to do a "meet cute" with the new boss, which didn't exactly work, and the rest of the office also warmed up to him quickly, prompting jealousy from Michael. 

Deangelo revealed that he was passionate about the American Southwest and he did a compelling, ball-free juggling routine for the entire office, making him a quirky and memorable character. 

Deangelo Vickers' Dundie Awards Experience 

Of course, Michael Scott couldn't depart Scranton without hosting one final "Dundie Award" ceremony. He invited Deangelo to be his cost host, and Deangelo originally turned down the offer, stating that he was too nervous to perform in front of a crowd. 

Michael insisted that he still try to co-host and tried to use the method from The King's Speech to try to help Deangelo's anxiety by putting loud headphones over his ears. Deangelo took the stage and admitted that he'd been throwing up in the bathroom before the show started, which prompted the restaurant to kick them out. 

The rest of the office suggested that they continue the party in their conference room, where they all surprised Michael with a goodbye song they'd written to the tune of Seasons of Love from Rent. Deangelo joined in, providing vocals during the chorus despite not knowing the parodied words. 

Why didn't Deangelo like Jim and Pam?

From the start, Deangelo had a bit of a bias against Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer). During his first interaction with them, Pam told a joke about their daughter, Ceci, which went over well with Deangelo, who said he had four kids of his own.

This led the couple to believe they could share more things about their daughter, but Deangelo later said "enough about your baby" in a curt way to both parents. 

In a later episode, Season 7, Episode 24 ("Inner Circle"), Jim gently broached the topic of sexism with Deangelo after Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) and Pam had pointed out that Deangelo's entire Inner Circle was composed of men. The conversation didn't go well, cementing Jim's low standing with the new boss. 

Deangelo Vickers, Pam Beesly, and Darryl Philbin appear in a scene from The Office.

Why did Will Ferrell leave The Office?

As time went on, the employees of Dunder Mifflin saw Deangelo's true leadership style, and weren't necessarily happy with it. In the "Inner Circle" episode, Deangelo bragged that he could dunk a basketball, and Jim challenged him to show them all using the hoop in the downstairs warehouse. 

Deangelo ended up toppling over the basketball hoop and it collapsed on him, so he was rushed to the hospital. At the end of the episode, he came back to work in a hospital gown with tubes attached to him and slurred speech, so Jim and Gabe Lewis (Zach Woods) escorted him back out. 

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