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Why Chrissy Metz Didn't Like Kate and Toby Breaking Up on This Is Us

"This is my Chris," Metz said about Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby. 

By Tayi Sanusi
Kate and Toby looking in the same direction off camera

Nuanced relationships were integral to the success of This Is Us. Many will agree that one of the saddest plot points of Season 6 was the downfall of Kate and Toby's marriage. This dynamic duo had such blissful beginnings and were always there for each other—but as they evolved as humans, they realized they weren't meant for each other. 

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During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actress Chrissy Metz revealed she (understandably) wasn't happy about Katoby's split. 

"I don’t like it," Metz said. "No, this is my dog. This is my Chris [referring to Toby actor Chris Sullivan]. It’s like…I miss you." 

According to Sullivan, the hardest part of Season 6 was depicting the various layers of complexity that often occur during a divorce. 

"This show has dealt with so many different aspects of human relationships," Sullivan said. "And I think what I've realized is I have plenty of people in my life who have experienced divorce and what I’ve realized is there’s still a good amount of societal shame or stigma around it...To be tasked with handling that plot line with compassion and to be able to show the mistakes, and show how they did it well, and how they treated each other with respect and love…to play that all the way through is another big responsibility." 

Although saying goodbye to This Is Us after six amazing seasons wasn't easy, we won't soon forget how deeply Katoby resonated with viewers.

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