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What Happened to Al Roker on TODAY? (Monday, May 6)

America's favorite weatherman was absent from TODAY's broadcast on May 6. Here's why. 

By Chris Phelan

Longtime viewers of TODAY noticed one of the show's staples was nowhere to be found on Monday, May 6 — but don't worry, Al Roker had a perfectly good excuse.

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(Thankfully, it's nothing pet-related. Pepper is still on her way to a full recovery!)

Roker missed May 6th's TODAY episode because he was busy guiding the next generation of journalists into the next phases of their careers. So yes, we consider this an "excused absence" if there ever was one. Let us explain.

Al Roker Misses TODAY to give Fisk University's commencement address

"Deborah and I are so honored to receive honorary doctorates and give the commencement address today at the 150th Commencement at Fisk University," Roker captioned on an Instagram post.

As one of the premier liberal arts universities in the country, it makes perfect sense that Nashville-based Fisk University would tap Roker and Roberts to give this year's commencement address. After all, the two are industry legends and naturally have an endless stream of wisdom they can impart to the next generation of writers, reporters, and journalists.

Reports say the commencement address was a rousing success — and really, what else could graduates expect? They were given the best of the best.

The pair were also given honorary doctorates by the university. Overall, it wasn't a bad way to spend a Monday for the happy couple of 28 years! We love seeing those two together, whether they're all smiles before a successful commencement address or cheering each other on during the New York City marathon.

This isn't the first time Al Roker has given a commencement address

Roker is no stranger to passing along words of wisdom to America's youth, and participating in Fisk University's commencement address wasn't his first rodeo.

In 2020, the longtime TODAY correspondent gave his first commencement speech to the Columbus City Schools, a public school district in Ohio. However, due to pandemic restrictions at the time, Roker's speech was a strictly virtual affair — a sharp contrast to his in-person speech on May 6th in Tennessee.