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How Al Roker's First Grandbaby, Sky, Inspired His Moving TED Talk

America's weatherman thinks about the future.

By Elizabeth Logan

Al Roker may be America's weatherman, but his most important job is family man. As a first time grandfather, the TODAY anchor is more committed than ever to addressing the climate crisis, and opened up about his fears for the future during an emotional TED Talk.

How Al Roker's granddaughter inspired his TED Talk

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During his 10-minute presentation in September 2023, Roker went through the many weather crises that were caused or exacerbated by pollution and climate change. He noted that Hurricane Sandy, specifically, was "a game-changer" in how he experienced natural disasters.

Roker recorded his TED Talk just after his eldest daughter, Courtney, gave birth. "One of the things that has changed my outlook in a very short period of time: nine days ago, I became a grandpa," Roker said, then joking, "I thought you’d pause and say, 'He’s not old enough!'"

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"I was holding my new granddaughter Sky... on Tuesday, sitting for about two hours, holding her, while I let my daughter and her husband get a break," he continued. "And I was thinking about giving this talk. And I was thinking about, what kind of world is she going to have?"

Roker, a father of three, put forth a simple but potent solution: Force politicians to curb the damage. "You have to vote, you have to go out there and support politicians who are going to support our planet," Roker told the TED audience. Thinking about Sky, he added, "This younger generation is gonna fight this fight. So, support them."

Not mincing his words, Roker said, "Climate change is the most existential threat to our survival."

Al Roker3Al Roker appears on NBC's Today Show on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.

Al Roker loves being a grandpa

"It is magical, it really is," Roker told his TODAY co-Hosts after Sky arrived. "The thing is, everyone tells you it’s going to be 'this thing' and you don’t know; it’s like when they tell you about having your first child. And then to hold this little girl, knowing almost 35 years ago I held her mom? And here she is, 5 lbs., 15 oz. 19 inches long and she’s just perfect. [Baby Sky] sleeps for four hours, wakes up, goes to the bathroom, sleeps another four. We’re on the same schedule!" 

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