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What Actually Happened to All 5 of Stabler's Kids on SVU and OC?

Here's where the various Stabler children are now.

By Elizabeth Logan

When he's not tracking down New York City's most dangerous and perverted criminals, Det. Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is often dealing with issues at home.

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He and his (now deceased) wife Kathy (Isabel Gillies) were introduced as parents of four when the series premiered in 1999. Then their youngest joined the family during a pivotal episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Now that Stabler is back on both SVU and Organized Crime, we've seen even more of the Stabler kids, though it's still hard to keep track of all five!

Here's a brief primer on each of Stabler's children, what they've been through and where they are now.

Dean Norris as Randall Stabler, Adam Harper as Carl, Autumn Mirassou as Maureen Stabler, Christopher Meloni as Det. Elliot Stabler, Henry Gross as Seamus, Michael Trotter as Joe Stabler Jr., Ellen Burstyn as Bernadette Stabler, Colin Keane as Kieren, Nicky Torchia as Eli Stabler, Allison Siko as Kathleen Stabler, Kiaya Scott as Becky, Kaitlyn Davidson as Elizabeth Stabler, Jeffrey Scaperrotta as Dickie Stabler in a promotional image for Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Maureen Stabler

Played by: Erin Broderick, Autumn Mirassou

Appears in 18 episodes across 8 seasons of SVU and Organized Crime

Kathy got pregnant with Maureen when she and Stabler were just 17 years old; they married while she was pregnant. The oldest of the Stabler sibs, Maureen growing up too quickly is an ongoing issue for Stabler in the first seasons of SVU. She sneaks out to party but is ultimately a good kid and wants to go to Columbia University. However, Stabler forgot to send in the check to accompany her application, and she attends Hudson while living at home.

As an adult, we learn that Maureen is in a relationship with a man named Carl, and they've moved in together. Maureen attended the intervention for her dad after her mom's death, and later, Stabler mentions that his son Eli has moved in with Maureen and Carl.

Maureen Stabler (Autumn Mirassou), Eli Stabler (Nicky Torchia), Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), Kathleen Stabler (Allison Siko), Dickie Stabler (Jeffrey Scaperrotta), Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) appear in Season 1 Episode 1 of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Kathleen Stabler

Played by: Allison Siko, Holiday Segal

Appears in 18 episodes across 4 seasons of SVU and Organized Crime

Unlike her responsible older sister, Kathleen has struggled throughout her life. She was born a month premature after Kathy saw an upsetting news story about Stabler and went into labor. She was deeply affected by her parents' marital struggles, and as a teenager acted out, eventually being arrested for drunk driving. At first, Stabler made the charges go away, but she was eventually forced to serve community service.

Kathleen has a couple shady boyfriends and experimented with drugs, even burglarizing a home as part of her downward spiral. After her father and Detective Fin Tutuola (Ice T) discovered she had overdosed, they took her to the hospital, where a doctor informed the family that Kathleen likely suffered from bipolar disorder. Since Kathleen didn't want to get treatment, Stabler returned the stolen items to their owner and let his daughter go to jail for the theft, since she could be medicated there. While she was in jail, her grandmother revealed her own bipolar symptoms, and Kathleen agreed to get help.

Eli Stabler, Dickie Stabler and Kathleen Stabler on Law And Order Svu episode 2309

Since receiving treatment for her bipolar disorder, Kathleen has been much more stable, even helping Benson convince an abuse victim to leave and name her abuser. Kathleen acted as a "sober buddy" to her friend Bethany, who was raped while Kathleen was supposed to be keeping an eye on her. Wracked by guilt, Kathleen illegally stole files that proved Bethany's attacker was the culprit in a separate rape and murder case, and Stabler had to cover her tracks so she wouldn't get kicked out of college.

Kathleen re-appeared after her mother Kathy was injured and eventually died due to a car bombing intended for Stabler, and leaned on Benson for support. Kathleen was the one who recruited Benson to attend the intervention for her father, and went to benson again to express her worries about Eli living with Elliot. Kathleen convinces her grandmother to move in with Elliot by promising to take care of her cats.

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Richard "Dickie" Stabler

Played by: Jeffrey Scaperrotta

Appears in 25 episodes across 12 seasons of SVU and Organized Crime

As a teenager, Dickie's best friend is murdered, and Dickie beats up the culprit until Elliot and Olivia stopped him. Dickie tells his father he wants to join the military, but Stabler won't allow it, as he's a minor. Elliot introduced Dickie to his namesake, astronaut Dick Finley, though Finley turned out to be a murderer. Dickie was present at the intervention for his father.

Bernadette Stabler, Dickie Stabler and Kathleen Stabler on on Law And Order Oc episode 209

Elizabeth Stabler

Played by: Patricia Cook, Kaitlyn Davidson

Appears in 20 episodes across 7 seasons of SVU and Organized Crime

Elizabeth is Richard's twin. She's an artistic kid, interested in theatre and piano. When Elizabeth was a teenager, her father found her picture in the possession of a pedophile, and beat the perp so severely that he was suspended.

Eli Stabler (Nicky Torchia), Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), Kathleen Stabler (Allison Siko), and Elizabeth Stabler (Kaitlyn Davidson) appear in Season 1 Episode 6 of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

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Elliot "Eli" Stabler, Jr.

Played by Nicky Torchia

Appears in 23 episodes across 5 episodes of SVU and Organized Crime

Though Mr. and Mrs. Stabler were separated at the time, they spent one night together in 2007 and conceived their youngest. Kathy had a dramatic pregnancy, having been held at knife point and later getting into a car accident; she ended up giving birth to Eli in an ambulance, with Benson's help. Eli was a colicky baby and was only four when his dad left the SVU, so viewers didn't see much of his childhood in Italy. We do know he's a soccer fan and joined the school team.

Eli Stabler on Law And Order Oc episode 209

When the Stablers returned to New York, Eli was the only one young enough to still be living with his parents, and understandably took his mother's death the hardest. He insisted on staying with Elliot despite his father's moodiness and instability, unwilling to be separated from another parent. Eventually, he moved in with his sister Maureen, but continued to get into trouble, once stealing his grandmother's bipolar medication.

Upset by the trial of Richard Wheatley, accused of murdering Kathy Stabler, Eli took off and got high with a new friend named Mia. When he woke the next morning, he found Mia dead; she'd been murdered by the Wheatleys' hitman, Mr. Swofford, though initially Eli feared that he may have been involved in Mia's death.