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We Finally Know What Happened to Kate and Toby's Dog, Audio, on This Is Us

We have answers.

By Tayi Sanusi
Kate packing a bag while Audio the dog lays next to her on the bed

The final season of NBC’s hit drama This Is Us left audiences feeling emotional. Most of fans' questions were answered, except for one: What happened to Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) dog, Audio?

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The adorable pup won hearts during his debut in Season 2 Episode 13, titled ​​”That'll Be The Day.” Naturally, we’re dying to know what happened to the rescue pooch who helped Kate confront the devastating circumstances of her father's death. Audio, as fans know, was M.I.A. the last few seasons of This Is Us.

But there’s no need to panic. Series creator Dan Fogelman recently revealed why the dog didn’t get much screen time in the show's closing chapters. 

“Audio the dog is there,” Fogelman told reporters (one for Deadline, specifically) May 24th on a call. “Nothing happened to him. We just we were dealing with 15,000 screaming babies in the final season. And Audio is resting comfortably. I believe Kate and Toby, post-divorce, shared custody and he lived happily ever after, a very long, happy life.”

Whew, we don’t think our fragile hearts could take any bad news. 

As it turns out, Audio (whose real name is Bean), made quite the impression on the cast and crew, which landed him the gig.

“Audio was probably the best dog we’ve worked with,” former TIU executive producer John Requa previously told Vulture. “We cast him out of the back of a truck. At one point, we were shooting something else and they opened up the back of this van and there’s a bunch of dogs in cages and they go, ‘Which one do you like?’ They were just so cute, but he’s also a good dog. He was very obedient.”