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"Triangle of Sadness": Behind the Stormy Scenes of the Final The Traitors Challenge

The Traitors host Alan Cumming teases the churning sea in the final challenge, and looks ahead to the reunion show.

By Tara Bennett
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After 11 episodes of masterful mayhem and personality politics, as well as an explosive reunion episode, Peacock's hit reality competition series, The Traitors, has wrapped Season 2.

But before the final bell, the remaining Faithful and Traitors — CT, Trishelle, MJ, Sandra, Shereé, and Kate — spent the first half of Episode 11 working together to get that money prize pot as stuffed as possible before the Fire of Truth.

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According to series master of ceremonies Alan Cumming, the holdovers worked hard for the money in a physical challenge that went a little harder than anticipated after the ship they boarded got keelhauled by some unsavory Scottish weather. In an exclusive with NBC Insider, Cumming dubs it the Triangle of Sadness episode.

Landlubbers meet the unforgiving Scottish sea

The cast of the traitors during their last challenge on episode 211 of The Traitors

All season long, the money challenges have put all of the contestants through their paces. In the season finale, the group went far afield from the home base castle to travel to the Scottish coast for a land and sea gauntlet that featured an impressive ship as the endgame.

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And though the group was successful in overcoming this final challenge, Cumming shared that the mercurial Scottish weather flared up post-gameplay, testing the mettle of the last players. 

"We got stuck in a storm when they finished," Cumming said. "We got stuck, me and the contestants. We were not able to get into the speedboats to go back. So, we had to go to another port because the boat was too small to get into the harbor."

With raised eyebrows, he continued, "We spent two hours in the storm. Sandra was projectile vomiting. It was Triangle of Sadness, seriously," he said referencing Ruben Östlund's satiric film that featured a lot of seasick characters. "So, I was below deck with Below Deck's Kate."

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