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These New Blacklist Photos Reveal a Major Spoiler About the Series Finale

James Spader (Raymond "Red" Reddington) opens up about how we'll see The Blacklist end.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

With just days to go until The Blacklist's two-part series finale — airing Thursday, July 13 at 8/7c — fans are looking for any clues that tell us what's to come in the finale episodes of the epic series. And we just got a major spoiler in the form of brand new photos released from the upcoming episodes, "Raymond Reddington #00: Part One" and "Raymond Reddington #00: Good Night."

The biggest mystery following the end of Season 10, Episode 20's action-packed "Arthur Hudson" was where exactly Reddington (James Spader) had run off too after Task Force 836 was reinstated and tasked with with turning on Red and arresting him. The last we saw of him was in Cooper's (Harry Lennix) kitchen and parted with ominous words: "Catch me if you can," he said. "Vaya con Dios, my friend."

As it turns out, that last sentence was a major hint.

The Blacklist finale photos reveal Red is in [Spoiler]

Fans will note that Red's cryptic words were in Spanish and translate to, "Go with God." As the newly released finale photos reveal, Red most likely ran off to Spain. The cast actually filmed on location in the European country for the series' last two episodes, marking the first time production left New York City despite featuring so many international characters across its 10 seasons.

“I really felt like this was complete and I loved how it really completed a circle, in a way,” Spader told The Associated Press. “It wasn’t just an unbroken line from point A to point Z, but it was a circle of sorts.”

In the pictures we see Red alone in a field.

The Blacklist 1022
The Blacklist 1022

While others show Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and Cooper in the midst of their investigation. One even shows Ressler showing a "Most Wanted" poster of Red to a local.

The Blacklist 1022 4
The Blacklist 1022 5
The Blacklist 1022 6

Another cryptic image shows a lone helicopter in the sky.

The Blacklist 1022 3

So what does this all mean? Blacklisters will have to put the puzzle pieces together themselves, but in the meantime, Spader did offer a hint of what to expect.

“I was very, very glad we were able to end it exactly the way we wanted to end it. It was deliberate and we weren’t taken by surprise in terms of when the ending was going to come,” he told The AP. “You’ll see that the ending has conviction and we commit to it.”

The three-time Emmy winner continued, "[Reddington's] someone who would show reason and caution but he was never fearful of anything. That sort of combination, I think, is compelling for people when faced with so much in one’s life and the world around you," he said. “I think there’s something compelling, I guess, in losing yourself in a story, going on a ride along with someone, not fearful of whatever might be around the next corner or what might be across that threshold that you’re just about to cross.”