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See How SNL Created Maya Rudolph's Incredible "I'm Your Mother" Musical Monologue

Go behind the scenes of the House of Rockefeller in SNL's new video.

By Christopher Rudolph

Grab the biggest clack fan you can find, because Saturday Night Live is taking you behind the scenes of the House of Rockefeller. 

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If you still have the song from Maya Rudolph's instantly-iconic "I'm Your Mother" Mother's Day Monologue from her May 11 Season 49 episode, you can thank Eli Brueggemann, SNL's musical director.

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"My job as musical director is to make all the original music for the show," Brueggemann revealed in SNL's behind-the-scenes video, which shows how he created the ballroom-style ode to the actress' status as a mom of four and as Mother. "Sometimes it's an underscore. Sometimes it's something people sing to."

"When writers need music in their sketches, they come to me, and I start building the music," Brueggemann said in his interview, filmed in Studio 8H hours before the live broadcast. "For this, they asked me to make something kind of Beyoncé-ish." 

Maya Rudolph during her monologue on Saturday Night Live Episode 1863

Watch the making of Maya Rudolph's "I'm Your Mother" monologue

"Maya's a natural musician. I think every time she's been here we've done some sort of musical monologue or several musical sketches," Brueggemann said. "When she turns it on, she turns it on. So I'm excited to see what happens tonight."

Behind the Scenes: Maya Rudolph's Mother's Day Monologue

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The video also provided a peak at Rudolph's SNL table read. The Loot star, who was an SNL cast member from 2000-2007, sat next to creator Lorne Michaels and read the line ("Me? Mother?") which kicked off the vogueing extravaganza on the episode.

"It's always a little bit shaky — it's always like, 'Oh my God, I've only heard this song three times, and now I have to go sing it front of an audience,'" added Brueggemann. "If there's an element of danger, then it could give it sort of that extra lift."

The SNL cast and host Maya Rudolph during the Monologue on Saturday Night Live Episode 1863

"Everyone's kind of in the moment," he says over footage of Rudolph scrambling to the stage in her dress as the cameras move into place. 

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Later in the video, Brueggemann is backstage as Rudolph while the SNL cast perform the song live. 

"The crowd is really into it. This is super awesome," he said, pleased. "Really fun."

Maya Rudolph during her monologue on Saturday Night Live Episode 1863

Watch the "Behind the Scenes: Maya Rudolph's Mother's Day Monologue" video above, and stream every episode of Season 49 on Peacock.