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What Happened to Eve in La Brea? What We've Learned in Season 3

Figuring out the whereabouts of Natalie Zea's Eve is one of the biggest mysteries of La Brea Season 3.

By Tara Bennett

The return of La Brea Season 3 on NBC marks the beginning of the end for creator David Appelbaum's epic time travel story. In the show's final season, Appelbaum promises big thrills and closure. Which means audiences will get to see if the large ensemble of characters who fell through a sinkhole in modern-day Los Angeles and ended up in 10,000 B.C. finally make it home or not.

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In particular, the fate of the Harris family — parents Eve (Natalie Zea) and Gavin (Eoin Macken), and their teens, Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) and Josh (Jack Martin) — remain top of mind, because they haven't been able to catch a break since before that whole sinkhole/portal calamity. Eve and Gavin were separated due to his drinking, and there were trust issues swirling from her affair, as the kids were pulled between both parents.

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As it turns out, time travel can be quite the panacea for what ails the Harris family, as getting separated through time certainly reset their priorities and made all four of them appreciate their fractured family more than ever. By the end of Season 2, the family was moving towards reconciliation... and then a pesky portal created chaos once again. Eve is now MIA, with Gavin and the kids desperate to find her.

Just in time for tonight's La Brea premiere, here's a recap of Eve's past plight, and what is absolutely going to be the biggest mystery to solve in Season 3.

Eve on La Brea

What Happened to Eve in the Season 2 Finale of La Brea?

In the Season 2 finale, "The Journey, Part 2," the Harris' were really put through the wringer, as Gavin essentially threw himself in front of a feral prehistoric lizard to save Eve from becoming its lunch. It was looking mighty dire for Gavin, until Eve made a call to use James Mallet's (Jonno Roberts) only operational portal to go back in time by four hours and save Gavin from death. And that crazy plan worked! The whole family was reunited in triumph... for like 10 seconds. 

It was quickly revealed that Mallet was in the running for the worst long-lost father ever, when he decided that Gavin and his family were liabilities in his ultimate goal to save the world. As the director of the Lazarus Project in 2076, he and his team have been working to save humanity from this whole portal disaster to try and thwart what will be a mass extinction event. Getting sentimental about Gavin almost dying in front of him reminded Mallet to be more ruthless. He prepared to go back in time in the portal and wipe out his son's existence to get the results he needs. As he was just about to cross through, Gavin shot Mallet dead, and the steam system that powers it went on the fritz. 

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Just before Mallet died, he cryptically warned Gavin: “Tell your sister I’m sorry I failed.” What sister?!

Gavin can only assume he's got a long-lost sister who James warned is more brutal than he was. Eve, Izzy, and Josh joined Gavin as they watched the portal control panel go nuts and a mass of portals from all points in time appeared. Worried it was going to blow, Eve went to grab a journal full of necessary notes. But then the containment protocols got activated and trapped her in the room. Gavin broke the window, and she slipped him the journal before she gets sucked into the machine, which shut down after she disappeared. What portal and in what time she has been transported remains a mystery. 

Where is Eve, aka Natalie Zea, in Season 3 of La Brea?

As of the Season 3 premiere, we still don't know where Eve has landed after getting sucked through the time portal at the end of Season 2. But we have a hint! When Gavin got the recovered computer working, whoever was on the other side of it claimed they could help him find his wife. Are they just toying with him, or does someone know where (and when) Eve ended up in the time stream?

As for actress Natalie Zea, who plays Eve, she's expected to have a reduced role in Season 3 (which makes sense, considering she's lost in the time stream). TV Line reported Zea will have a smaller role in the current and final season, but it sounds like she will eventually show up in some capacity.

Now we wait to see if Gavin and the rest of the survivors can ascertain where Eve is and how to get her back!

You can currently stream Seasons 1 and 2 of La Brea on Peacock, and also catch up on new episodes streaming next-day. New episodes of La Brea air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. CT only on NBC.

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