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The 5 Biggest Questions Going Into the La Brea Season 2 Finale

The La Brea season finale is coming soon—here's what we're wondering!

By Trent Moore
What You See vs. What We See | NBC’s La Brea

One of the biggest primetime mysteries on TV is gearing up for its season finale: NBC’s La Brea.

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But what are the big questions we’re asking fresh off the penultimate two episodes? La Brea has thrown the book open on its time travel mythology, telling stories across different timelines but all still tethered to the families and survivors at the heart of it, who are stuck thousands of years in the past.

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With the two-part finale, “The Journey, Parts 1 & 2,” set to air February 28, we’re looking at all the big questions still lingering. But whatever happens, we can take comfort in knowing NBC has already renewed the series for a third season. So even if not all of our questions are answered by the time the sinkhole closes on Year 2, we know answers will certainly be coming next season.

Who all made it out of the tower?

The last two episodes ended with a bang—literally—as Levi’s (Nicholas Gonzalez) decade-long plan to blow up the tower and the machine once and for all seemingly works. We see the tower go up in flames, as plenty of our fan favorite survivors are making a mad dash for the exits. There were a whole lot of folks in there, from Eve (Natalie Zea) and Gavin (Eoin Macken), to Ty (Chiké Okonkwo) and Izzy (Zyra Gorecki). The hope is everyone found a way out, but you never know— that clock was ticking fast, and there were a lot of folks in there.

Who lives? Who dies?

We can only hope the main stars made it out of the tower (there is a third season coming, after all), but a season finale is definitely the kind of time when something that drastic might happen. We’ve already lost a few main players in the lead-up to the finale, with Ella (Michelle Vergara Moore) dying from prehistoric bee stings and Caroline (Melissa Neal) being killed by Kira (Simone McAullay) over the mysterious notebook. It stands to reason the expansive ensemble could get a bit smaller by the time the finale ends. Possible options? Ty is coming off his wedding so you’d hope he’s safe; however, he's still dealing with cancer that remains a persistent threat. Then, there’s always Lucas (Josh McKenzie), who seems to be a half-step away from trouble at any point.

How much can we trust Levi?

The Levi who has returned through that new little portal is not the same guy we’ve known up until this point. In case the silver fox look (with the grey hair and grey beard) wasn't enough to make it clear, this is a more seasoned and determined Levi who has come back to the past with a mission to complete. He claims to have spent a decade in the 1990s, creating a life for himself that is tragically erased when his new wife and child are killed due to the sinkholes. Levi still seems to care for the Harris family, and though he had second thoughts on blowing up the tower, he still set the bombs and caused the explosion that kicked off all this chaos. Levi has become a man of mystery in his time away, and it’ll be interesting to see if he has a few more surprises up his sleeve.

Is everyone stranded in the past?

As far as we know, the mysterious machine in the tower is what’s been causing all the sinkholes and all this time-breaking trouble in the first place. With Levi’s bomb going off at the base of the machine and leaving the tower in flames, it begs the question: Has Levi solved the time travel problem by stranding himself and the rest of the poor souls already in the past to stay there forever? However things wrap up in Season 2, we know there will be more prehistoric action to come in Season 3. Here’s hoping there might be one more portal out there with a first class ticket back to the 2020s.

Will Project Blue Moon reset everything?

Season 2 is loaded with threats, but none seem quite as potentially damaging as James’ mysterious Project Blue Moon, which is named after a childhood drawing Gavin made and would aim to go back and reset the timeline whole cloth. It seems after losing Gavin at a young age, James’ focus became Project Blue Moon: basically a time-travel scheme that would allow him to go back and reset his own timeline so he can change the entire course of his life and keep his family together. But if he does that, it almost certainly means Gavin won’t meet Eve or have their family with Josh (Jack Martin) and Izzy—erasing their entire lives, and the events that brought them all to this moment. 

The two-part finale of La Brea airs February 28 at 9/8c on NBC and streams next-day on Peacock.

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