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Where to Watch NBC's Quantum Leap Season 2

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Season 2 of NBC's beloved sci-fi hit, Quantum Leap.

By Jessica White

Sci-fi fans have been enjoying non-stop thrills with Season 2 of NBC's Quantum Leap, the reimagining of the cherished sci-fi classic. The reboot of Quantum Leap — which premiered in 2022 — quickly proved to be a smash among  fans of the original series and casual viewers alike.  

How to Watch

Watch Quantum Leap on NBC and Peacock

The new series picks up 30 years after Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula ) disappeared into the Quantum Leap accelerator and stars Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song, the scientist responsible for repairing the mystifying machine and kickstarting a revamped lineup of time-traveling misadventures. 

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As in the original series, the new Quantum Leap follows the adventures and travels of Ben as he time-travels to different eras and dimensions, forced to body-hop around the universe after a botched experiment. Each episode is unique, with Ben jumping into the body of a new historical figure and a brand new set of obstacles to leap through each week.  

Below, find out how to watch new episodes of Quantum Leap Season 2. 

Dr Ben Song on Quantum Leap episode 4 season 2

Where can I watch new episodes of Quantum Leap

New episodes of Quantum Leap return Tuesday, Jan. 30 2024 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.  New episodes are also available to watch the next day on Peacock.  

Season 2 of the series premiered on October 4, 2023.

Quantum Leap 103v9

When are new episodes of Quantum Leap available on Peacock? 

New episodes of Quantum Leap are available to stream on Peacock the day after they air on NBC — that's on Thursdays at 6 a.m. ET. 

Raymond Lee in Episode 2 of Quantum Leap

What happens in Season 2 of Quantum Leap?

Season 2 of Quantum Leap continues to pay homage to the O.G. series, while also breaking new ground.

It picks up three years after Ben went poof during the Season 1 finale, so his future with Addison is up in the air. 

Leaping has also received a few new twists, bending the rules established by the first series, and Ben has made some exciting discoveries that are still playing out in the larger  Quantum Leap narrative.

Dr. Ben Song and Addison stand under trees on Quantum Leap episode 203

Who stars in Season 2 of Quantum Leap?

Alongside Lee as our dedicated leaper Ben Song, Quantum Leap Season 2 stars: Caitlin Bassett as Addison Augustine, Ben’s former fiancée and hologram support; Nanrisa Lee as Jenn Chu as project security chief; Ernie Hudson as project lead "Magic" Williams; and Mason Alexander Park as Ian Wright, the scientific genius keeping the operation going.

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As Ben explores the mysteries of the original experiment and the M.I.A. Dr. Sam Beckett, Season 2 features the addition of two fresh-faced Quantum Leap cast members: Eliza Taylor and Peter Gadiot.

Taylor plays Hannah Carson, a "complex young woman, who may be more than she appears," reads the official description provided by the network. 

Gadiot plays Tom Westfall, a former special forces soldier and high-ranking U.S. Army Intelligence Officer who is Addison's new romantic partner in the wake of Ben's disappearance. "Thoughtful, centered, a spiritual kind of warrior who both men and women admire, but whose humility keeps him from ever being arrogant. Tom will take on a crucial role overseeing the project," the network said of him. 

Hannah Carson and Dr. Ben Song next to each other and looking through books at a library.

Where can I watch past seasons of Quantum Leap

Season 1 of the new Quantum Leap is streaming in its entirety on Peacock, so you can relive all 18 episodes right now or experience them for the first time.

The original Quantum Leap series is also available on Peacock, so you can put together a whirlwind marathon by diving into those five seasons of  Bakula-led adventures.  

Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett and Dean Stockwell as Admiral Al Calavicci

Originally published Aug 21, 2023.