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Where Is the Original Cast of Quantum Leap Now?

They've been very busy. 

By Tayi Sanusi
Quantum Leap: Official Trailer | NBC's Quantum Leap

With the new Quantum Leap returning to NBC this fall, many fans are taking a nostalgic look back at the original show, which quickly became an American favorite. During its five-season run between 1989 and 1993, the hit time-travel series even went on to win a whopping six Emmys. 

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Almost 30 years after the original series ended, many are wondering what ever happened to the main characters who brought the exciting sci-fi adventure series to life. Here's everything you need to know about the main characters and their careers after Quantum Leap.

Scott Bakula (Dr. Sam Beckett)

The original Quantum Leap journey began with the curious and charismatic character of Dr. Sam Beckett, who mounts an experiment that accidentally sends his consciousness back through time, ultimately inhabiting the body of a new character each episode. Before Bakula's breakout TV role, he made a name for himself in several Broadway shows and series including the ABC sitcom Eisenhower & Lutz

After joining the cast of Quantum Leap, Bakula went on to win the 1992 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a TV Drama for his work on the series. When Quantum Leap ended, Bakula was quickly cast in a recurring role in Murphy Brown for two seasons. 

Bakula made his Star Trek: Enterprise debut in 2001 as Captain Jonathan Archer and continued in the role for an impressive 97-episode run. 

Dean Stockwell (Admiral Al Calavicci)

At the start of the original Quantum Leap, Dr. Beckett's journey is led by an "observer" who is later revealed to be his friend and associate, Admiral Al Calavicci. Actor Dean Stockwell landed the role of Al after a long career as a successful child and young adult actor. He even starred alongside Hollywood heavy-hitters like Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly.

Shortly before his Quantum Leap debut, Stockwell was nominated for a 1989 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in Married to the Mob

After Quantum Leap, Stockwell appeared in several notable projects, including Battlestar Galactica.

Stockwell passed away in November 2021 at 85. 

Deborah Pratt (Ziggy)

In addition to being a co-executive producer and writer on Quantum Leap, Deborah Pratt was also the voice of Ziggy, the charming supercomputer Dr. Beckett created to facilitate his time-travel project. Beyond her A.I. capabilities, Ziggy's human-like qualities made her a pivotal part of the show's ethos and heart. 

Pratt later went on to reprise the role of Ziggy in the 2009 Independent fan-film Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di For. During her career, Pratt received five-time Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nomination and has published several acclaimed sci-fi novels.

Watch Quantum Leap on NBC Mondays starting September 19 at 10/9c and next day on Peacock.  

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