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Wait, Heidi Klum Appeared on Parks and Recreation? All About the Hilarious Cameo

Heidi Klum guest starred in Parks and Recreation as a hilariously beloved small town Denmark mayor who puts Leslie Knope to shame. 

By Jill Sederstrom

Heidi Klum is a regular, beloved fixture on America’s Got Talent, but many might not remember Klum once guest starred on another NBC hit.

Who Did Heidi Klum Play on Parks and Recreation?

Klum hilariously appeared in an episode of Parks and Recreation in 2013 taking on the role of Ulee Danssen, a small town mayor from Denmark who is revered by her townspeople (they even go so far as to make a mini-goat cheese sculpture in her likeness). 

The adoration is a stark contrast to Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, who is battling a growing hatred from her constituents in Pawnee, Indiana. Their fury at the councilwoman has even prompted them to hold a recall election to remove her from office. 

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Leslie and Ulee run into each other in London during the sixth season premiere as both women are being given an award from the International Coalition for Women in Government. 

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“I’m Ulee Danssen. I’m one of the honorees,” an impeccably dressed Ulee told Leslie during the awards reception. 

“Oh look at your face,” a stunned Leslie hilariously responded. 

“What?” Ulee asked. 

Heidi Klum posing at the 2023 Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

“It’s just so symmetrical,” Leslie replied in awe, before Ulee told her, “We all have that in Denmark.” 

Ulee went on to tell Leslie how beloved she is in her own small town.

 “It’s not one of the most perfect places in the world, but I love it and it loves me and look what they’ve done for me,” she said, gesturing to the mini cheese sculpture at a nearby table. 

Not surprisingly, the pure devotion sends Leslie into a downward spiral. Her frustration erupted in the middle of her acceptance speech as she went from thanking her fellow winners to railing on the Pawnee residents. 

“I’ve been a public servant for a long time and you know how I spend my days? Cleaning slime out of rivers and removing slugs from people’s front yards and I love my town, but you know how they repay me? By hating me. They hate me. They want to recall me,” Leslie ranted.

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She told the crowd she wished she could move to Denmark where she would “dance with a reindeer,” in a nod to Ulee’s own earlier acceptance speech where she shared that the town had trained a reindeer to perform a special dance in honor of her birthday.

Amy Poehler attends the 2022 People Choice Awards

“You’re always welcome,” Ulee called out from the crowd before turning to her assistant and asking her to “start a statue of Leslie.” 

Even amidst the fictional backdrop, Klum proved she would have been the perfect host — but that’s nothing new to the fans of the supermodel and producer

Klum served for years as a host on Project Runway and brings her warmth and positivity to the Judges' table each week on America’s Got Talent

She has also served for 18 seasons as the host of Germany’s Next Top Model, a reality modeling competition.

It wasn’t the first time she’s taken on a fictional character either. Klum has also appeared in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, Ella Enchanted, and Malcolm in the Middle and did voiceover work in Arctic Dogs, just to name a few, proving that much like her character in Parks and Recreation, Klum really is perfection.

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