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Heidi Klum Went All Out for Her Glamorous, Gatsby-Themed 50th Birthday: See Pics

She had her pal and fellow AGT Judge Sofía Vergara on hand to celebrate!

By Christopher Rosa
Heidi Klum & Simon Cowell Agree To Style Each Other On 'AGT' For 1 Day

Heidi Klum loves a celebration. Whether it's Halloween or her birthday, you can bet the America's Got Talent Judge will go all out with her look, the decorations, everything

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And when it's a super-special occasion — like a milestone birthday — the glam factor gets upped even more. Fans saw this on social media June 1 as Klum's friends (including her fellow AGT Judge Sofía Vergara) posted photos and videos from her epic 50th birthday party. 

The theme was Great Gatsby — or perhaps just the Roaring Twenties — and everyone committed. From intricate flapper girl costumes to decade-appropriate martini glasses and a multi-tiered copper cake that would make Jay Gatsby himself proud, it's clear Klum's guests had a lot of fun with the theme. 

But no one had more fun than Heidi Klum herself, who wore an all-white outfit for the occasion, complete with a shimmery headpiece and matching silver eye makeup. Videos from Klum's IG Story show her dancing and having a ball. Meanwhile, Vergara added a few posts to her actual Instagram grid, and looking at them will give you serious FOMO. Continue on, below, to see exactly how Heidi Klum rang in her big 5-0. 

Heidi Klum's 50th birthday: photos 

An up-close selfie of Vergara's look shows her diamond-shaped earrings and bejeweled headpiece. The ultimate 1920s ensemble! 

In fact, everyone's outfits were on point — and that cake looks absolutely divine. 

A selfie with the birthday girl! These ladies are just as close off-camera as they are on the AGT Judges table. 

AGT Season 18 is currently in full swing, and we're having a ball watching the Contestants audition for the Judges in hopes of becoming the next big Vegas Act. The series is a phenomenon, and as Klum told Access Hollywood, "Every day is new and different. I mean, yes, we [the Judges and Host] might be the same, but you see all these crazy, different people on the stage. We're having the best time. I always call it a 'rollercoaster of emotions,' because a person comes and they're singing. The next is an aerialist. The next one is a contortionist or a comedian. Everyone has a story to tell because they're real people. They're not actors. This is not a movie. This is real life. It's always fun to hear the stories...it never gets boring."