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Hannah Waddingham and Kelly Clarkson Had a Sing-Off That You Must Hear

We need a musical starring Hannah Waddingham and Kelly Clarkson now! 

By Jessica White

The Kelly Clarkson Show has something for everyone. Whether it's delicious recipes or powerhouse Kellyoke performances, Host Kelly Clarkson delivers the goods every day to her audience. 

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The show also includes some fun games, and they can get competitive. Exhibit A: When Clarkson invited Ted Lasso and Game of Thrones star Hannah Waddingham to the show on May 30 to play a round of "Throw Me a Line" (featuring Veep's Reid Scott as referee). 

The premise: As Scott reads a popular lyric, Clarkson and Waddingham must hit the buzzer to complete the line and correctly sing the song title. Aside from her television work, Waddingham has an esteemed Broadway career, so Clarkson knew she was a perfect choice for the game. 

The two were giggling before the game even began, but they got serious as soon as Reid read the lyrics to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." As Clarkson slammed the buzzer, she angelically sang the iconic tune as Waddingham jumped in to harmonize. Clarkson squealed with glee over their effortless fusion, which even earned Waddingham a half point despite being slow to the buzzer. 

Hannah Waddingham, Reid Scott, and Kelly Clarkson on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

The second song was "...Baby One More Time," with Waddingham swiftly nailing the Britney Spears tune. Clarkson was mystified by the prompt, admitting she wasn't even close to guessing it. "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran was another no-brainer for Waddingham, who grittily sang the song until landing on the title. 

Waddingham was definitely on a roll by this point, but she was no match for Clarkson and her rapid recognition of Wilson Phillips' "Hold On." Waddingham and Clarkson joyfully sang the power anthem together, but ultimately, the point went to Clarkson. 

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Clarkson has been booked and busy after releasing her 10th studio album, Chemistry, on June 23. She's gearing up for Chemistry: An Intimate Eveningher spectacular 10-night Vegas residency taking place this summer. On June 27, Clarkson talked about the Vegas shows with Billboard‘s Pop Shop Podcast.

Split images of Hannah Waddingham and Kelly Clarkson.

“I’ll be straight up: I’m gonna be that artist who’s definitely gonna give you all those songs you want to hear, because I hate when I go to shows and people don’t give me that,” Clarkson teased. “So you’re gonna hear all the ones that, honestly, we haven’t performed in forever. We haven’t been able to!”

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“All 10 shows will be different,” The Voice alum continued. “There’s definitely gonna be the hits in all of them, but we’re sprinkling in covers that people have liked or album tracks that people have liked here and there. … I’m going to hit all the [new] album, just on different nights."