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Chris Stapleton Plays a Golden-Voiced Boyfriend in SNL's "Get That Boy Back" Video

The "White Horse" singer co-starred in SNL's hysterical pretaped musical sketch with Chloe Troast and Ryan Gosling.

By Samantha Vincenty

Chris Stapleton co-starred in Saturday Night Live's latest musical pretaped sketch on April 13, teaming up with two talented fellow singers: Host Ryan Gosling and cast member Chloe Troast. On top of performing "White  Horse" and "Mountains of My Mind" from his 2023 album Higher as Musical Guest, Stapleton put in work in SNL's "Get That Boy Back" sketch, lending his powerful vocals to the track and revealing hidden acting talent as Troast's beleaguered boyfriend. 

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Not since Blake Shelton in "The Wishin Boot" has there been such an effective use of a musician in a Saturday Night Live country music video parody. 

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Chris Stapleton during a sketch on Saturday Night Live Episode 1861

Chris Stapleton and Ryan Gosling star in SNL's "Get That Boy Back" video

The "Get That Boy Back" video feels inspired by the likes of Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats," and opens with three women in cowboy hats (Chloe Fineman, Chloe Troast, and Ego Nwodim) sitting in a down-home bar, describing their plans to seek revenge on their cheating boyfriends. 

Nwodim's character scrawls on her man's car with lipstick, while Fineman goes with a classic: Keying his car. 

Meanwhile, Troast's character has a much more nefarious plan. Like, supervillain-level.

"My man left, and didn't treat me kind, y'all can mess with his truck, I'll destroy his mind," she begins, as the action plays out onscreen. "Break into his house, keep replacing his shoes with the same set of shoes but half a size bigger every other week so it's got the boy thinking..."

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"Are these different, or am I shrinking?" Stapleton cuts in as Troast's confused boyfriend, his powerhouse voice elevating the lyric to album-cut quality. (The clapping audience clearly agreed).

Chloe Troast during a sketch on Saturday Night Live Episode 1861

"You did what now?" Nwodim's character chimes in. 

But the revenge-plotting girlfriend is nowhere near done. Her next unhinged plan?

"I'm in his parents' house, painted just like their wall, whispering 'get out' in the middle of the night," Troast sings. We see her blending into the wallpaper as her man's mom (Heidi Gardner) calls Stapleton in terror. 

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If one was wondering how Troast's character became this way, Ryan Gosling introduces himself as her brother, an ex-CIA operative who specializes in mind-bending tactics. Such as "switching his Sudoku with the one that can't be solved," and "plucking out his hairs so he thinks he's going bald," for starters. We already knew Gosling can sing; now we know he can rap, too. 

Watch the "Get That Boy Back" country music parody — Beyoncé's impact?? — above. 

Ryan Gosling during a sketch on Saturday Night Live Episode 1861

Watch Chris Stapleton play "White Horse" on Saturday Night Live

Stapleton and his band, including his wife Morgane Stapleton, tore the roof off of Studio 8H with a rousing performance of "White Horse," before taking to the stage solo for a gorgeous rendition of "Mountains of My Mind." Watch both below.

Chris Stapleton: White Horse (Live)

Chris Stapleton: White Horse (Live)

Chris Stapleton: Mountains of My Mind on SNL

Chris Stapleton: Mountains Of My Mind (Live)