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Why Violet Just Got Herself on Emma Jacobs' Bad Side—And Should Be Scared

She may have awoken a monster. 

By Christopher Rosa
Severide Consoles Mikami | NBC’s Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire midseason finale (Season 11, Episode 9) saw the return of Emma Jacobs (Caitlin Carver), a.k.a the conniving EMT who tried to blackmail Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) into stealing Violet's (Hanako Greensmith) job at 51. Ultimately, her plan backfired; Emma showed her true colors in the Season 10 finale after running out of a rescue mission, proving she wasn't 51 material. 

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However, Emma makes her return in Season 11, Episode 9 as internal affairs' newest recruit. She's assigned to investigate an incident involving Carver (Jake Lockett), and Violet's sure Emma will use her power malevolently. 

Surprisingly, Emma clears Carver of all wrongdoing—but Violet loses it when Emma attempts to speak to her like all that blackmailing didn't happen. She tells Emma that all of 51 knows what an evil person she is, full stop. To say their interaction ended on an ominous note would be an understatement. 

In Season 11, Episode 10 (which aired January 4), Violet is hellbent on reaching out to Emma's IA boss to expose her once and for all. But when Violet finally gets a meeting with him, we learn not much can be done because she has no proof of Emma's misdeeds. It's just hearsay. That means Emma keeps her job at internal affairs, much to Violet's dismay. 

And, now, Violet's fear. Naturally, Emma finds out about Violet's little meeting with her IA boss, and she's not happy. Episode 10 ends with Emma giving Violet a rather foreboding warning.  "I don't understand, Violet. I cleared your friend, Carver," Emma says. "I did you a favor. We were even. But now..."

Emma then takes a deep breath, shrugs, and walks away, leaving Violet shaken up. 

"Now, I'll be checking my six for Emma for the rest of my life," Violet tells Brett (Kara Killmer) in a later scene. 

But is that true? Does Violet have reason to be scared? According to Fire's co-showrunner Derek Haas, yes. He tells NBC Insider, "Violet pokes the wrong bear, and now that bear has teeth and claws more than she had before. And it's 'gonna be a pretty gruesome mauling that's 'gonna happen at Firehouse 51."

Yikes. We'll be waiting nervously to find out what happens next. 

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