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Chance The Rapper Found a Live Spider on His The Voice Chair — and Kelly Clarkson Took It

Chance The Rapper recently experienced “the coolest and the grossest thing” he’s seen on The Voice.

By Joe Dziemianowicz
Chance the Rapper’s Battles Experience Includes One Moment That Had Him "Shaking" | The Voice | NBC

During Playoffs on The Voice, Chance the Rapper got quite the shock — a couple of them, actually — and they weren’t connected to the Coach’s team.

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They were thanks to an unexpected eight-legged guest that dropped by for the NBC reality contest. 

“I just realized there are spider webs and a spider on my chair,” said Chance, who spun around in his seat for a better look at the insect invading his space.

But it turned out that the spider wasn’t the only bolt from the blue. The second one came when fellow Coach Kelly Clarkson stepped up to admire it. 

“I actually love spiders,” she said.

She meant it. When Chance challenged her, “Grab it, I dare you,” she didn’t hesitate for a single beat. 

“OK!” she said as she coaxed the tiny creepy-crawly onto her finger and invited it to settle in on her chair. 

“Now it’s my spider,” she said.

“You like spiders?” asked Coach Blake Shelton in disbelief. “Who says that?”

“That’s a first,” added Coach Niall Horan.

“We need to take a video,” said Chance, who got his wish. After all, cameras were still rolling and captured everybody’s spidey senses tingling. 

“We got Kelly Clarkson here, walking her pet spider,” he said, “possibly the coolest and the grossest thing I’ve seen on the set of The Voice.”

The insect incident turned out to be a tension breaker for Chance, a first-time Coach who was grappling with having to cut members from his team.

“This round is definitely making people bring their A-game,” said Chance. “I have no idea how I’m gonna pick only two.”

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The spider moment came on the heels of Jamar Langley’s performance of “The Thrill Is Gone.” Clarkson called Langley’s playfulness during his performance “so cool,” while Horan said it was a 180-degree turn from “shy Jamar.”

“Time to bring the beast out,” said Langley. (That wasn't a reference to the spider!)

“This is the last chance I get to pick who’s going to be on Team Chance and you just made a really, really strong case,” said Chance. “You just showed up.”

In the end, Chance chose Sorelle and Ray Uriel. Next up, Live Performances.

“We’re trying to take it all the way,” said Chance. 

That goes for the other teams as well. At the end of the Playoffs Round, Shelton chose NOIVAS and Grace West to advance.

From the amazing singers to the unexpected web-slingers — expect the unexpected on The Voice

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