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Every Act That Auditioned for AGT 2024 In Episode 4 (RECAP)

The talent keeps getting better and a little stranger on America's Got Talent Season 19.

By Tyler McCarthy

After taking a break for the 2024 Olympic Trials last week, America’s Got Talent is back with an all-new episode and yet another crop of incredible Acts vying for a chance at the grand prize and the fame that comes with being a season winner.  

How to Watch

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As with each week, there’s so much talent coming to the stage that it may be difficult to keep track of the stellar performers who grace the AGT audience with their hyper-specific performances. So, if you need help keeping track of what went down this week, we’re here to help.

Below are the many unique and talented Acts who auditioned in America’s Got Talent Season 19 for Episode 4.  

Hyper Kids Africa 

Hypers Kids Africa perform on stage during AGT Episode 1904

Act: Dancers
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This group of gifted youngsters traveled a full 24 hours from Uganda to America to compete on the AGT stage. They hope to use their acrobatic dance moves to win the competition and build a home and school for themselves back home. Fortunately, they took their first step forward earning four “yes” votes from the group of highly impressed Judges. 

Flewnt and Inkabee

Flewnt And Inkabee perform on stage on AGT Episode 1904

Act: Rappers
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This father-and-son duo performed something truly unique on the AGT stage. Dad mentioned he got his start as a musician before one day taking the stage with his son and realizing they make a great performing pair. That brought them all the way to their audition where they rocked the house with their tight rhymes that hit so hard and came so fast you’ll want to watch their act multiple times just to catch it all. 

Venom Trick Shots

Venom Trick Shots and Heidi Klum perform on stage on AGT Episode 1904

Act: Billiards Trick Shots
Judge’s Vote: No

This person is undoubtedly talented. He’s the current world champion billiards trick-shot performer. His Act was flawless, but sadly Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara agreed that it was too long and not exciting enough to merit a live stage as grand as the one provided by America’s Got Talent

Emotional Brainwaves

Emotional BrainWaves performs on stage on AGT Episode 1904

Act: Scientist
Judge’s Vote: No

While it’s impressive to be able to control a drone using only a headset linked to an EKG machine — essentially giving you mental control over technology — the Act was “a little small” for the Judges. Howie Mandel was the first to give this Act a ticket to the next round. 

Daniel Simu

Daniel Simu performs on stage on AGT Episode 1904

Act: Robot Acrobatics
Judge’s Vote: Yes

Although this homemade robot might not look like much at first glance, it’s got the moves. Whether it’s literally kicking its legs to the beat or doing flips over its human partner, this Act certainly has something that you’ve never seen before. In fact, the second it started, Simon Cowell declared “only on this show!” Only Heidi Klum gave them an X, the rest of the Judges were in utter delight. 

Stephanie Rainey

Agt 1904 Stephanie Rainey

Act: Singer
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This singer took the stage as humble as it gets with just her guitar and a friend accompanying her on the piano. However, she had a song she simply needed to sing all about the emotions she felt going through a tragedy. Like many who take the AGT stage, she turned her tragedy into great art that she wanted to share with the people. When she was done, it was a no-brainer “Yes” vote from the Judges. 


DaksDominoes perform on AGT Episode 1904

Act: Dominoes
Judge’s Vote: Yes

It’s rare for an Act to open their performance by telling the audience to get the heck out! But these two twin brothers who set up elaborate Rube Goldberg-style dominoes builds needed them to so they could set up one of the most elaborate Acts in AGT history. They spent almost 14 full hours making a dominoe setup that was so fragile the audience and Judges had to literally whisper when they came back the next day so as not to knock it all over prematurely. However, the finished product was well worth the half-day it took to set up. 

Maya Neelakantan

Maya Neelakantan performs on stage during AGT Episode 1904

Act: Musician
Judge’s Vote: Yes

She doesn’t look it, and she certainly doesn’t play like it, but this 10-year-old guitarist came all the way from India to play for the AGT crowd. When she was answering the Judge’s questions, she was polite and very lighthearted about being on stage for the first time. However, when it came time to play — this girl shredded! No one was expecting her to tear up a cover of Papa Roach’s “Suffocation” but that’s the kinda twist you get when you tune in to AGT

CPA: Girona

CPA Girona perform on stage on AGT Episode 1904

Act: Roller Skating
Judge’s Vote: No

Although they put on quite a show, these former World Champions didn’t quite meet the Judge’s expectations. Although their performance went off without a hitch, the Judges agreed that they simply didn’t have a headlining performance that would stand on its own on a Vegas stage. Howie took it a step further and said that he’s seen better. 

Jo De Rijck

Jo De Rijck puts a chicken in Simon Cowell's face on AGT Episode 1904

Act: Animal Mind Reading
Judge’s Vote: Yes

Jo and his pet chicken have a special connection. Using her, he’s able to perform some incredible mind-reading tricks… Well, Curry the Chicken reads the minds, he just translates them. Through sheer charisma and some impressive magic tricks, these two earned a spot in the next round with four “yes” votes. 


L6 perform on AGT Episode 1904

Act: Singers
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This sibling Act started strong with a cover of Celine Dion’s “All By Myself.” However, just as they were getting into it, Simon Cowell stopped them. At first, it seemed like they were doomed and one member began to cry. However, Cowell simply wanted them to lose the backing track and sing the song a cappella. The change worked and you could literally hear the difference from one try to another. 

Brent Street

Brent Street perform on stage during AGT Episode 1904

Act: Dance
Judge’s Vote: Howie’s Golden Buzzer

Who doesn’t love a good twist? What seemed like one humble and somewhat nervous dancer took the AGT stage ready to impress the world and make his mom proud. However, once things got going, it became clear he was one small part of a very large dance group that had been preparing for months to shock and amaze the Judges and the crowd. When it was all said and done, Howie Mandel came through with a twist of his own, slamming his first Golden Buzzer of the season for them!

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