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[Spoiler] Is Replacing Boden as 51's Leader on Chicago Fire

Boden needed someone with tenure, passion, and heart to fill his shoes. And he found the perfect candidate. 

By Jessica White

Any great firehouse needs a fearless leader at the helm, and for years, Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) has had the honor of commanding Chicago Fire's finest.

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Firehouse 51 boasts the most passionate and driven firefighters in the CFD, all thanks to the standard set by the passionate Chief Boden. Since Chicago Fire's debut, Boden has charmed fans with his consistent ability to lift his fellow firefighters' spirits. Boden has been a cornerstone of 51's success for years, but in the Season 12 finale, he decided to leave his job to become the CFD's Deputy Commissioner (DC), a.k.a the firefighter up top. That means he needed a replacement. 

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But who at Firehouse 51 has the experience, grit, and gumption to take the wheel? Luckily, Boden had the perfect person in mind.

Who is replacing Boden as 51's leader on Chicago Fire

Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg)! 

Amid historic staff changes at 51, Herrmann was the one to rally the crew and keep everyone in high spirits, both literally in his role as Molly's bartender and figuratively with his knack for bringing people together. Boden respected Herrmann for his ability to unify and his persistent optimism. While making arrangements for his potential reassignment, Boden asked Herrmann to visit him in his office. 

"I'm under no delusions about getting this DC appointment," Boden said. "I know my chances are low, but if somehow I pull it off, I want you sitting in this chair as my replacement."

Christopher Herrmann in Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 11

Herrmann was blindsided. "What?" he said. 

"There are some things to get in order," Boden continued, business as usual. "You need that Captain promotion, then you need to take the Battalion Chief test. But, you do that, we could move Battalion 25 back into this office, and you could look after our family."

“Chief…me?” Herrmann struggled, reminding his longtime boss that he was "no Chief Boden."

"You don't have to be me," Boden explained kindly. "You just have to be you. The Christopher Herrmann who looks out for people, who listens. Who always leads with his heart."

As Herrmann chewed on Boden's kind words, he had just one thing to say: "Whatever happens, boss, you'll never know how much that means to me." 

Boden got the CFD Deputy Commissioner job

Chief Wallace Boden stands in an office on Chicago Fire Episode 101

It was a bittersweet moment when the 51 firefighters received a text alert that the CFD had named its new Deputy Commissioner as Wallace Boden. In honor of his promotion, Boden's 51 family flocked to his office to congratulate him. 

“You made 51 a family, Chief," Cruz (Joe Miñoso) said. "And this firehouse a home."

 Randall "Mouch" McHolland (Christian Stolte) added, "Thank you, Chief, for being the best friend and leader anyone could ask for.”

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