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Get to Know the Cast of Quantum Leap Ahead of Season 2

Get to know the Quantum Leap crew ahead of the show's Season 2 return on NBC.

By Jessica White, Matthew Jackson & Trent Moore

Get ready to jump into some stellar science-fiction adventure because Quantum Leap returns to NBC for its second season this fall. 

How to Watch

Watch Quantum Leap on NBC and Peacock

Set 30 years after the events of NBC's original Quantum Leap, when Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) disappeared into the Quantum Leap experiment, the new incarnation of the series follows Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) as he body-hops through space and time. Each episode stands out as its own time-hopping sci-fi adventure, but over the course of the first season, we also learned a lot about the nature of the Quantum Leap program these days, as well as more information surrounding the mystery of what exactly happened to Dr. Beckett. 

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Of course, the first season also gave us ample opportunity to get to know a new cast of actors shepherding the franchise into the next generation. So, before Season 2 hits in October, let's take another look at the Quantum Leap core cast. 

Who Is In the Quantum Leap Cast?

Just like the original series, the new incarnation of Quantum Leap gave us a group of mainstay characters that we continue to get to know throughout the show, no matter how many weird places Ben might leap to. If you're a fan, you probably know these people well by now, but just in case you need a quick refresher, let's take a closer look.

Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song

Raymond Lee in the Quantum Leap Finale

Our main character of the new Quantum Leap is Dr. Ben Song, a highly-intelligent quantum physicist who jumps through time to explore the mysteries of the original Quantum Leap experiment. While Ben has the help of the Quantum Leap team, it is up to him to finally put things in order after the chaotic events of the original experiment, which is definitely harder than it sounds (and it sounds pretty hard). When last we left Ben, he had jumped into his own younger self to keep the Quantum Leap project on track, with hopes he might finally be leaping home. Before he launched off on Quantum Leap, you probably saw Lee floating around in films like Top Gun: Maverick and on TV series like HBO's Here and Now and Max's Made for Love.

Ernie Hudson as Herbert "Magic" Williams

Ernie Hudson in Quantum Leap

Every science fiction story needs an authoritarian figurehead, and for Quantum Leap, we have Herbert "Magic" Williams. Magic is the leader of the Quantum Leap project, torn between the responsibility of answering to his bosses in the Pentagon or taking care of the Quantum Leap team. Magic also has a personal connection to the program, as Sam leaped into him decades ago during the original run of the Quantum Leap series. With a storied list of credits stretching back to iconic projects like Ghostbusters and The Crow, the show couldn't have asked for a better figure to lead with authority and charm than Ernie Hudson.

Nanrisa Lee as Jenn Chou

Jenn Chou appears in a scene from Quantum Leap.

Jenn Choi is the head of digital security for the Quantum Leap experiment and works closely with Magic. During Season 1, Jenn is focused on discovering why Ben decided to leap with the hope of eventually bringing him back home to the present. Her role in untangling Ben's mysteries, even as Ben is untangling Sam's mysteries, adds an extra layer of intrigue to the sci-fi action. A relative newcomer, Lee's now well-known among Quantum Leap fans, but you may have also seen her in films like Grimcutty and shows like CSI: Vegas.

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Mason Alexander Park as Ian Wright

Ian Wright appears in a scene from Quantum Leap.

Another central member of the Quantum Leap project is Ian Wright, the lead programmer who rebuilds "Ziggy," the AI unit that provides crucial information about Ben's leaps through time. As the supercomputer which served as part of the original show's team, Ziggy is a mainstay in Quantum Leap lore, but over the course of the first season Ian became just as important. Toward the end of Season 1, Ian even gets a chance to serve as Ben's hologram, seeing the leap experience firsthand. Plus, Park is a rising genre star, having recently scored roles in Cowboy Bebop and, of course, a pivotal part in the Sandman adaptation

Caitlin Bassett as Addison Augustine

Caitlin Bassett in Quantum Leap

Addison Augustine is an ex-Army intelligence officer who plays arguably the most important role in the Quantum Leap project (aside from the actual leaper, of course). Appearing as a hologram that only Ben can see and hear, Addison provides valuable insight into the past that Ben uses as a guide throughout his adventures, giving him a voice in his ear not unlike what Dean Stockwell's Al provided to Sam in the original series. The first season saw Ben slowly recovering his memories and reconnecting with Addison, as the pair tried to balance their feelings with whatever leap was in front of them. Addison marks Bassett's first major acting role, and you can bet we'll be seeing plenty more of her in Quantum Leap Season 2 and beyond.

New For Season 2: Eliza Taylor as Hannah Carson

Hannah appears in a scene from Quantum Leap.

Taylor (The 100) is a new addition in Season 2, and will play Hannah Carson, a "complex young woman, who may be more than she appears," reads the official description provided by the network. The character will make her Quantum Leap debut in the third episode of Season 2.

New For Season 2: Peter Gadiot as Tom Westfall

Tom appears in a scene from Quantum Leap.

Gadiot (Yellowjackets) is another new addition in Year 2, and is set to play Tom Westfall, a former special forces soldier and a high-ranking US Army Officer in the realm of Army Intelligence. "Thoughtful, centered, a spiritual kind of warrior who both men and women admire, but whose humility keeps him from ever being arrogant. Tom will take on a crucial role overseeing the project."

How to Watch Quantum Leap 

Quantum Leap returns October 4 at 8 p.m. ET, with new episodes arriving the next day on Peacock. 

Still haven't caught up on the show? Don't worry, because Peacock has you covered there too. Every episode of the first season is now available to stream, alongside all five seasons of the original Quantum Leap series.

Originally published Aug 22, 2023.