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The Real Meaning Behind La Brea's Puzzling Handprint Symbol

We look into one of Season 1's biggest mysteries.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
What You See vs. What We See | NBC's La Brea

One of the main reasons why we love NBC's La Brea is it's an everlasting mystery. The time-traveling sci-fi drama introduces a new point of tension—and confusion—at every turn, allowing fans to theorize and ponder every possibility to their heart's content.

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Now headed into Season 2, which premieres Tuesday, September 27 at 9/8c on NBC, it's time to prepare for the adventures to come. And nothing will help us more than looking back at some of first season's most prominent question marks. One of those? A handprint symbol that seemed to pop up everywhere the Sky People turned. So what did it mean? Everything we know below.

What is the handprint symbol in La Brea?

Fans first encountered the mysterious symbol in the premiere when it's printed in red on a rock that helped Gavin discover his family was stuck in 10,000 B.C. Then in La Brea Season 1, Episode 2 titled "Day 2" Veronica discovered her father's (who we eventually learn is her kidnapper) dead body was placed in a rock formation shaped like a handprint.

After that throughout the season we see the print pop up in various different places. From the Tongva tribe's village gate to it printed in red on the back of Silas' cloak, it clearly has some form of significance.

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What does the handprint in La Brea mean?

We finally got some clarity about the print's meaning in Season 1, Episode 8 titled "Origins." Paara tells Eve that the symbol represents protection for the Tongva and therefore is a comforting emblem for their people. Of course it's La Brea, so there could always be more to the story. But right now we're satisfied with this simple (and positive) explanation.

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