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The Biggest Revelations From La Brea Season 1, Episode 2

Everyone finally figured out exactly where they are.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
The Mystery Deepens | NBC's La Brea

La Brea Season 2 is officially returning to NBC on September 27 at 9/8c. And with that date just a few months away, we can't help but look back at the inaugural season of the show.

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If you're in need of a recap—or watching the series for the first time—each week NBC Insider will break down the major plot points of every episode of the first season. Below, the highlights from La Brea Season 1, Episode 2, titled "Day 2." 

A saber-toothed tiger causes a ton of trouble.

At the top of the episode, Ty comes to the rescue once again when he kills the saber-toothed tiger that charges after him, Sam, and Eve when they find the ambulance (which has supplies needed to help an injured Josh). However, one more appears, and they're forced to hide from the animal on the side of a cliff.

However, an impatient Eve wants to return back to camp. They run into the tiger again, and it knocks Sam—who had all the supplies from the ambulance—over the cliff. The tiger comes after Eve and Ty, but they're safe when it falls into a mysterious hunting trap that was clearly made by an experienced forager. (That's an important detail to keep in mind as the season goes on.)

Eve and Ty find Sam hours later, who is now suffering from a back injury and can barely walk. The three of them try to make it back together, but eventually Sam sends Eve on her own with the medical equipment and instructions on how to treat Josh. Thankfully, Ty and Sam make it back to camp with the help of a mysterious newcomer.

Josh's wound gets worse.

Back at the camp, Josh's wolf bite becomes infected as Riley stays by his bedside and waits for Eve, Ty, and Sam's return. Josh's condition becomes progressively worse until he passes out right before Eve arrives with the antibiotics.

Gavin and Izzy try to figure out the mystery of the sinkhole.

La Brea Recap4

After Gavin finds Eve's ring, he's convinced that their family is somehow stuck in the past. To prove their theory, they take Eve's ring to a scientist to carbon date it. However, before the scientist can find out the results, the ring is stolen. 

After finding out about the ring, Homeland Security bombards Gavin and forces him to come with them. They bring him to speak with agents Sophia and Adam, who not only reveal they stole Eve's ring, but that it carbon dates back to 10,000 B.C. This proves what Gavin thought all along—and that his visions actually mean something.

Sophia reveals to Gavin that the day of his helicopter crash years prior, a sinkhole occurred just miles away in the Mojave. Both the La Brea and Mojave sinkholes have an eerie green light at the bottom, which leads to the past. Homeland Security then shows Gavin a plane they've designed specifically to fly into a sinkhole. Their plan is to fly a pilot down into the hole, and they want Gavin's help.

We learn more about Marybeth.

Thanks to a conversation she has with Scott, we learn that Marybeth is a cop from Louisiana. But when Scott asks her why she was in L.A. at the time of the sinkhole, she gives a vague answer: "I have my reasons." 

Later on, she comes across a Mustang with a Louisiana license plate that she clearly recognizes. As it turns out, it's the same car with the heroin in the trunk that Scott and Riley found during the premiere. It becomes clear that Marybeth is looking for the man who owns the car when she asks sisters Lilly (who doesn't talk) and Veronica if they've seen him.

At the end of the episode, Marybeth finds the man she was looking for, Lucas,  when he arrives to camp after helping Ty with an injured Sam. Lucas, drum roll please, is Marybeth's son. 

La Brea Recap3

Veronica and Scott make their own discoveries.

Scott agrees to accompany Veronica on a search for her dad's body after he was killed by a wolf in the premiere. During their journey, Scott manages to deter a group of camels from getting trapped in tar pits, a detail he remembers learning about the history of the La Brea tar pits back in L.A. It's this event that helps him realize where the sinkhole has taken them: back in time to 10,000 B.C. Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Veronica makes a more unsettling discovery: She finds her father's body, which has been placed in an unusual handprint pattern made of stones.

Lilly and Veronica have a secret of their own.

After finding their father's body, Veronica returns to the camp and finds Lilly being looked after by fellow sinkhole survivors. Though she initially seems grateful for their help, she later lashes out at Lilly and tells her, "We can't trust those people" and, "They won't understand us"—hinting there's more to their story than meets the eye. In a surprising moment, Lilly speaks, revealing that she actually can talk even though everyone thought otherwise.

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