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Isiah's True Identity Rocks La Brea in Season 1, Episode 8

Get ready to be...confused.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
Jack Martin’s Epic Season 1 Recap | NBC’s La Brea

La Brea Season 2 is officially returning to NBC on September 27 at 9/8c. And with that date just a few weeks away, we can't help but look back at the inaugural season of the show.

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If you're in need of a recap—or watching the series for the first time—each week NBC Insider will break down the major plot points of every episode of the first season. Below, the highlights from La Brea Season 1, Episode 8, titled "Origins."

Isiah becomes a major part of the puzzle.

Eve and and Levi find the young Tongva child, Isiah, spying outside their camp. Ty, Levi, and Eve decide to bring him back to his village in hopes his people will teach them how to survive in 10,000 B.C. On their drive there they are ambushed and captured by the Tongva, who take them back to their village.

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It's there they learn that Paara is the Tongva leader, and Isiah is the grandson of the mysterious Silas. Paara allows her warriors to free the sink hole survivors as she shows them around their village. She reveals that there are other tribes that have been there for generations, and that 60 years ago, a sink hole opened in the ocean and survivors (or Sky People as they call them) swam to the shore. There was war between their people, but they eventually found peace.

On a walk with Eve, Isiah says that his parents died when he was young, he and Silas arrived in 10,000 B.C. a few years ago, and he's "not allowed to talk about" where they came from. But before Eve can get more details, Levi reveals that Silas had the wallet of their friend Eddie who was electrocuted and killed in Episode 4. When confronted, Silas says he found Eddie already dead and took his wallet to learn more about the Sky People. Paara defends him and says that someone else (not Silas) has been killing people in 10,000 B.C. and the Tongva's sacred handprint emblem is a symbol of protection.

Moments later they're told that Isiah has been kidnapped by a woman: Aldridge. Silas finds them, and it turns out he somehow knows her. In typical cryptic Aldridge fashion, she refuses to give up Isiah and tells Silas, "You know how important he is." However, Silas stabs her and takes Isiah. Eve, Levi, Paara, and Ty find Aldridge bleeding out, but between breaths she insists they find Gavin and that Silas "isn't who you think he is."

Aldridge then decides to tell Eve that Isiah needs her help because he's actually a younger Gavin. Can someone say mind-blown?

Gavin and Nathan find out more about Ella, which leads to a surprising discovery.

Nathan and Gavin learn from Ella's assistant that she began building the hand sculpture after a flood of memories came to her six days prior—the same date as the La Brea sinkhole. While searching for more clues about Ella around town, they discover she's following them. At the same time, Izzy meets a fellow student named Andrew who turns out to be Riley's brother and Sam's son. He invites Izzy to a vigil for the sinkhole victims, where she later takes Gavin.

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Later on Nathan, Izzy, and Gavin track Ella to her home built very close to where she and Gavin were found as children. While at what appears to be a former sinkhole in her backyard, Gavin has a vision which takes him back to 10,000 B.C., but it's from the perspective of Isiah looking at his grandfather Silas. In the vision, Isiah's wound matches an old scar on Gavin's hand and Isiah says that Aldridge told him his real name was Gavin. It turns out that Gavin's visions are actually memories and Isaiah is somehow a young him in 10,000 B.C.

Veronica is discovered.

Veronica has been in hiding since knocking out Ty—until she reveals herself to Lilly. Despite a resistant Lilly, Veronica tells her that she's been looking for a new camp for them away from the rest of the survivors. But before she can take her, Marybeth and Sam discover them. On Sam's orders, he and a reluctant Marybeth handcuff Veronica in a nearby car.

Soon she has a severe panic attack that momentarily causes her to stop breathing so they remove her from the car. An ashamed Sam tells Riley that he has PTSD from combat, and it's been recently triggered without his medication, causing him to react harshly with Veronica.

Riley and Josh get even closer.

Despite a worried Sam telling Riley to distance herself from Josh, that seems to push the two even closer. While out on patrol, the teens share their first kiss. Do we have a new 'ship on our hands?

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