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What We Learned in La Brea Season 1, Episode 4

Levi was welcomed into 10,000 B.C., and the sinkhole survivors made a major discovery.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
The Mystery Deepens | NBC's La Brea

La Brea Season 2 is officially returning to NBC on September 27 at 9/8c. And with that date just a few months away, we can't help but look back at the inaugural season of the show.

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If you're in need of a recap—or watching the series for the first time—each week NBC Insider will break down the major plot points of every episode of the first season. Below, the highlights from La Brea Season 1, Episode 4, titled "The New Arrival." 

Scott hides the drugs.

After using the heroin as a pain-killer for Sam during his back procedure, Scott decided to bury and hide the drugs in the woods. The only problem? Lucas is looking for whoever took them.

Scott figures out the drugs are Lucas' when he sees him at the car with the Louisiana license plate. He tells Josh about his discovery but not Riley. This leads to her accidentally spilling to Lucas that they not only know where the drugs are but that Scott hid them. Lucas then threatens to kill Scott if he doesn't tell him where the heroin is when they get back home. 

Levi arrives in 10,000 B.C.

The sinkhole survivors see a plane fall from the green light in the sky and hike to the crash site. It's then that they discover Levi is the pilot. He tells them about the plan that led to his failed rescue missionStill determined to make it back to L.A., the group sets out to find Levi's plane in hopes they can fix it and fly back home. 

They eventually find the aircraft but without modern technology are unable to fix it. The bright side is that Levi's plane radar has picked up on a signal around five miles away, meaning there could be someone (or something) out there who is able to help them. They discover that a village is the source of the signal, finally proving that there are other humans living during 10,000 B.C. At the end of the episode, Eve, Levi, Riley, Scott, Josh, and Lucas enter the village—which has a mysterious red handprint on its gate.

Levi also unloads a lot of information on Eve: He told Gavin about their affair and that Gavin's visions are real, so he was responsible for the rescue mission. Levi also gives Eve her lost wedding ring that Gavin found in the present.

Gavin has another vision and discovers a secret about Dr. Nathan.

Thanks to another vision, Gavin knows that Levi survived the plane crash and is now in 10,000 B.C. Naturally, he wants to save his best friend and family but Homeland Security refuses, revealing that traveling into the sinkhole triggers dangerous earthquakes in the present day.

Separately, Gavin's suspicions of Dr. Nathan lead him and Izzy to discover Dr. Rebecca Aldridge. When they find Aldridge at her farm, she's with Nathan. It turns out that Aldridge, with Nathan, was part of the team that investigated the Mojave sinkhole years prior. Aldridge helped design a plane that successfully sent the exploratory crew through the sinkhole, but the the group wasn't able to return back to the present day before the hole closed.

In the time since Aldridge built her own sinkhole-traveling plane that wouldn't have the same problems as Levi's. Naturally, she asks Gavin to fly the new aircraft.

Lilly and Veronica's relationship intensifies.

The two sisters clearly have a secret, and Veronica in particular is determined to keep it quiet. So much so that she slaps Lilly (who we now know can talk) when the young girl defiantly declares she wants to get to know the other survivors (despite their late father's wishes). Lilly runs away after their fight and finds the dead body of a survivor in the woods with mysterious markings on his body.

Sam determines that the man was electrocuted, which leaves them with even more questions than answers. The only person who can give them more information is Lilly. In an attempt to get her to open up, Ty questions her. Unable to keep quiet anymore (and against Veronica's wishes), Lilly speaks to Ty and Marybeth, revealing that an old man with "a handprint on his back" was the one who killed the man in the woods. We then see that same man watching the camp in the distance.

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