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Jacob Elordi's Cut-for-Time Please Don't Destroy Sketch Is a Pimp My Ride Tribute

Please Don't Destroy's cut for time SNL sketch is a tribute to the 2000s show "Pimp My Ride"—Xhibit even shows up. 

By Samantha Vincenty

While Jacob Elordi's January 20 Saturday Night Live episode featured several sketches that placed focus on his impossible good looks and 6'5" height—such as "Crown Your Short King" and "Women's AA Meeting"—the Saltburn actor was delightful when he got the chance to get weird. As such, Elordi shined in a cut-for-time sketch shared by SNL, in which Elordi teamed up with the Please Don't Destroy boys (and got to wear a chin-length wig). 

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Oh, and rapper and former Host of MTV's Pimp My Ride Host Xhibit showed up.

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Jacob Elordi stands on stage during his monologue during saturday night live episode 1853

Jacob Elordi plays a janitor who gets a terribly pimped-out car from PDD

In the clip, Elordi portrays a long-haired, down-on-his luck SNL janitor named Sergei. When Please Don't Destroy learn that Sergei was late because his car broke down, they decide to gift him with new wheels. And they do it Pimp My Ride-style—a grand gesture that absolutely no one asked for. 

"What have you done?" Elordi's Sergei cries.

In keeping with Pimp My Ride's tradition of leaning into the car owner's alleged interest, Sergei gets a "trash wagon" with Swiffer Wet Jet bumpers, a crockpot for car borscht, and a bunch of buckets full of soapy water. That's when Xhibit videos in to (wisely) tell Sergei not to get in that car. 

Watch Please Don't Destroy and Jacob Elordi's cut-for-time sketch below.

Please Don't Destroy - Pimp My Ride

Please Don't Destroy previously parodied Def Comedy Jam

In a standout Please Don't Destroy sketch from Season 49, Higgins, Marshall, and Herlihy told Host Pete Davidson about their (fake) past as The Original Princes of Comedy. The concept saw child actors perfectly playing the PDD members as they told off-color jokes on the Apollo stage.

Like the "Pimp My Ride" sketch, it touched on the visual nostalgia of a vintage show perfectly—with plenty of help from SNL's creative departments, of course.

Please Don't Destroy: The Original Princes of Comedy

Please Don't Destroy - The Original Princes of Comedy