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Who Are the Traitors in Season 2 of Peacock's Hit Competition Series?

The season starts with a delicious twist regarding how we get our three Traitors.

By Tara Bennett
Alan Cumming Breaks Down Peacock's The Traitors and Compares Porn Stars to Reality Stars

This story contains spoilers for the first three episodes of The Traitors Season 2 on Peacock.

The game is afoot once more as Alan Cumming has welcomed 21 new contestants to a grand Scottish castle in the Highlands for Season 2 of The Traitors

In the season premiere (now streaming on Peacock), Cumming collected his new cast comprised of celebrities from the world of sports, reality TV, and politics. After he grilled each to find out their skills and inclinations regarding the game, Cumming selected two to take on the role of "Traitor," or, the competitors who are willfully meant to sabotage the "Faithful" contestants and create chaos in plain sight.

After summoning both to the secret turret in the castle, Cumming had each reveal themselves to one another: Dan Gheesling and Phaedra Parks.

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And then Cumming laid down a brand-new twist, tasking the pair to choose one more competitor to join their ranks as the final "Traitor." After much assessing and strategizing, Gheesling and Parks chose Survivor winner Parvati Shallow. Aware of her multi-season-winning track record and her skills at being deceptive, they brought her into the fold, hoping she'd be a strong ally...and possibly an easy sacrifice, if needed. 

It's a great start to the season as these three "Traitors" are serious players. How well will they ultimately do? We'll have to watch and see, but we can certainly see the strengths and weaknesses of each already.

Who are the three "Traitors" of Season 2?

The titular Traitors of The Traitors Season 2 are Dan Gheesling, Phaedra Parks, and Parvati Shallow.

Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling on The Traitors Episode 201

If you watch Big Brother, then you'll know Dan Gheesling. He won Big Brother 10 and then came back for Big Brother 14 where he was the runner-up. Much like Parvati Shallow, Gheesling is adept in parsing out very different personalities and then manipulating them to his needs.

Right now, Gheesling is operating in the driver's seat, as Parks and Shallow are both deferring to his suggestions. With the "Faithful," he's staying way below the radar, keeping to himself and not stirring up any opinions. Will that work for long? Or will that call more attention to himself?

Parvati Shallow

Parvati Shallow on The Traitors Episode 201

Parvati Shallow was the $1 million winner for the Survivor: Micronesia season. She has also competed in Survivor: Cook IslandsSurvivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Winners at War. So, she knows her way around competition reality shows where there's only one winner left standing.

Being brought in as the third "Traitor" by Gheesling and Parks means Shallow must work two games: She's got to show loyalty to her two "Traitors" champions but also keep a pulse on how she's coming off to the "Faithful." Basically, she's gotta be ready to jettison her loyalty if opinion turns against her. In other shows, she's proved to have skills reading the room so it's going to be an interesting ride.

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Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks on The Traitors Episode 201

A veteran of several personality reality shows, including The Real Housewives of AtlantaThe Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, and Married to Medicine, Phaedra Parks is no stranger to navigating big personalities with a smile.

Parks is also a smart cookie. She's a lawyer by profession, so she's literally been trained to keep a poker face when it comes to reacting to audacious assertions and arguments. In terms of her strategy, Parks is already playing it perfectly. Warm and supportive to everyone, she speaks only when necessary but is staying social so she doesn't draw attention. 

New episodes of The Traitors Season 2 premiere every Thursday. Episodes are available to stream on Peacock alongside The Traitors: Postmortem aftershow.

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