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Seth Meyers and Allison Williams Have the Same (Very Good) Reason for Not Dressing Up on Halloween

The Girls star does Halloween for her son, Arlo, but not for herself.

By Elizabeth Logan

Having a curious child is a blessing and a curse. Sure, they're smart, inquisitive little creatures, but also, you have to spend so much time explaining things. That's the position Allison Williams is in with her almost-2-year-old son, Arlo.

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"When you see it through a kid's point of view, it’s all so arbitrary. You pass a pumpkin with a face carved in it, and I’m like, I don’t know where to start. We have all kinds of plants and gourds around us that we don’t hack away at. And yet this particular thing we’ve decided we demolish once a year," the actress mused about Halloween season to Seth Meyers during a visit to Late Night. "And people put out skeletons — how do you explain a skeleton?”

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Why Seth Meyers and Allison Williams don't dress up for Halloween 

Allison Williams on Late Night With Seth Meyers Episode 1436

Asked whether or not she wears a costume for the holiday, Williams explained that she does a "sophisticated version of dress-up for a living" (a.k.a acting), so there's no need for Halloween costumes. Meyers feels the same way.

"I understood dressing up if, in return for it, an old person gave me candy, but what we're doing now is beyond me," he said. (We'll just say: Heidi Klum begs to disagree.)

But for the kids, of course, it's another matter. Williams ordered her son a bear costume that, when it arrived, ended up looking only somewhat bear-like, a mistake she doesn't care to rectify. They have a firefighter back-up costume just in case.

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When Allison became a mom, her parents, Jane Williams and newscaster Brian Williams, became grandparents, and by all accounts are loving it. The Girls actress calls them "obsessed" and says they'll come by just to see her kid for a moment. Now that he can talk a bit, Arlo calls them "Bub" (Brian) and "J.J." (Jane), though he has a little French accent and pronounces it "jee-jee." 

Meyers offered her some parent-of-more-than-one advice, noting that the first kid gets to decide what the grandparents are called...forever. The Hosts' oldest son adorably called Meyers' parents the "Pankas," so now, that's who they are in the family. OK, now can we get the Pankas in a Halloween costume?